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Name: Lime_Green_Paddler

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So I am a guy that did lots of paddling 20 years ago a recently got the urge to get back into it. I often paddle solo which steered me towards a SoT so I could get back on it rather than rely on my very old rolling skills. That part was easy however there were other requirements too, I wanted to be able to Kayak with my wife and kids oh I want to do lakes, ocean and a bit of class 2/3 fun.

I looked at the obvious choices from Ocean Kayak and Perception etc and found they were really designed just to go straight which means easy to live with as long as you don't what to have fun. Then I came across the Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe at a Rental Center and loved it. So whats so great about it?

  1. It's hull shape is based on a white water boat with rocker so it can turn very well for a 13ft boat.
  2. It has a drop down skeg which is activated by a handy lever with this dropped you get straight line speed and great tracking when paddling with cross winds.
  3. It does white water!!
    I did get some strange looks when I launched this with all the rafters and whiter water kayakers on the American river that was running at the mid Class 3 levels. Awesome fun with two people, you can steer around and into stuff and the sheer momentum means you can just charge through stoppers that stall out lighter boats. Note you will get wet!! There are plenty of massive scuppers and the boat drains almost instantly so no great stress.
  4. They boat now ships as standard with two very comfortable seats. You and convert to a single seat option buy unscrewing 4 screws and moving the rear seat to the central position.
There are a few minor negatives to consider, none of these should be deal breakers:
  1. Heavy! about 75lbs makes it hard to load on a roof rack on your own.
  2. Cup holders, there are 5 molded in cup holders (more than my car) The problem is it is easy to knock your beer out of these holders with your paddle, especially when it gets bumpy.
  3. No Knee braces, this is what really limits the capability to Class 3, the boat would get down more challenging runs but you just can't stay on it. I think knee straps are an option on the single seater version.
Overall an awesome fun boat that really does deliver on its promise of versatility.