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I bought a Suspenz SK Smart Cart in February 2014. I'm…

I bought a Suspenz SK Smart Cart in February 2014. I'm more than happy with how well this kayak cart works. It's fast and easy to install on the the kayak and rolls very well. I've used it in river rocks and on rutted roads without a problem. It comes apart so easy and well fit in even the smallest of hatches.

The only thing that went wrong was I did get a flat tire and was unable to find a tube locally to fit the tire. I called Suspenz to see if I could buy one from them. They said that they would just send me a whole new wheel, tire and tube free of charge. Within 4 days it was at my door step. [Ed note: this product line has since been updated and now includes airless tires]

I can't say enough good about my dealings with their customer service people. They went over and above as to what I'd expect. As I understand it, the new carts will be upgraded with airless tires which would solve the problem I had with the flat tire...