Name: sabadir

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I bought my Dirigo Tandem in 2011. I think it was two years old then. It had been used one time. Frankly its fantastic...with a couple of places for improvement. I do know that they have updated the model since mine was manufactured but the pros and cons should be about the same.

First, its smooth. Its easy to navigate and move quickly through the water...even if its just me. I have single kayaks too but much prefer the OTDT.

Its easy to get in and out of. Its wide base makes it easy for anyone who wants to to get in and out.

Its SUPER comfortable. I have experienced the worst in kayaks and canoes. These seats are like barcaloungers. The foot rests sometimes move on their own and can be a pain to adjust but for the most part are solid and a positive experience.

A couple of cons...

Its HEAVY. I put it on top of a big car so getting it up there can be a challenge. I have solved the problem with a piece of rebar. I extend the rebar from my rack, then I lift the bow only on the rebar. I then can lift the stern and push it onto the rack. It works well.

It has a lot of surface area on top but not a lot of accessories. I added two marine eyes to clip in my paddle tethers and added four rod holders. I also added rigging for an anchor. All these were a huge benefit when taking this on the ocean.

If you take on water there is no top side drain plug and the design is such were you will not get out all the water or sand or dirt. A top side opening to help you clean the inside would be FANTASTIC...but its not there.