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Name: rickasanders

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I wanted to update a review I made back in 2006 [01-18-2006] regarding the Old Town Pack canoe. I still have that canoe - I bought it used and used it extensively for 8 years hunting and fishing. I finally wore it out - it developed a crack in the bottom - which I patched with some super good epoxy and fiberglass mesh. I used it for another year but in the interest of safety it has been retired and I purchased a new Old Town 119 in camo. Even though these seemed similar - The Pack was a better canoe. Lighter being the main reason (33 lbs vs about 45 lbs). It may not seem like much but 10 lbs is a difference maker when you get older (55).

The Royalex material on the Pack is really tough. I took the seat out and use a plastic fishermans seat purchased at Walmart on the floor of the canoe and a double bladed high quality paddle - The same set up works well in the 119 but better in the pack. Extremely stable.

I found out that recently they quit making Royalex so I purchased a new Pack canoe from the local REI store - it was the last one in stock.
The Pack canoe is truly the best and most enjoyable purchase I have ever made.