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An almost perfect boat for photography. I'd give it 9 and a half if the scale had halves. Extremely stable, paddles easily, it is no racer but moves out pretty smartly and isn't much troubled by wind. I can get into very shallow water with the skeg raised.

I *love* this boat. So why isn't it a 10? I'm annoyed that the gunwales are unnecessarily wide at the center. There are depressions in them, I assume for fishing lures, etc. and a deeper round depression (to hold a drink?). When paddling I keep hitting my knuckles on the side and twice caught a fingernail on the skeg slider. The round depression is in the wrong place. Any can/bottle you put there will be knocked out when paddling. If they had pulled the sides in with some tumblehome, the trays for lures and the drink holder would be better situated in an extended seat pan. Petty complaints I know but they came so close to perfect.