Name: ogreym

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I moved to a lakeside community after dreaming of owning a boat for years. I needed to get close to nature, but feel confident that I could explore and get home safely. The Carolina is actually a cross between a touring boat and a recreational kayak. It really filled the bill! I easily loaded it atop my small car with foam supports and straps by myself. Since I'm well over sixty years, it was important to be able to get the boat and gear into and out of the water without being exhausted. While it is not the lightest boat around, it is well within my capability, but can be aided with a small cart that I throw in the forward hatch to make it easier.

Now I can glide across a lake and keep a straight path against crosswinds and current without shortening my trip through exhaustion. I slip quietly into wildlife grounds and snap pics with ease. My Carolina is so maneuverable that I can get into tight places and then take on the entire lake comfortably.

Recently I moved onto a resort canal system. This is where the shorter length 14.5 pays off. I can navigate quickly and cruise comfortably to enjoy, without disturbing, the wildlife in my backyard. I fully intend to launch from my coastal beach, but for now I continue to enjoy the ease of speed and quiet arrival into nature. For all the inexperienced, youthful and more mature kayakers, this is the rig for you!