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This will be my third year with my Storm and while I was at first pleased with it, I have become less so over time. The first issue is the seat. It's shape and tilted angle is horid. Because of the deep dished shape combined with a very pointed seat front, my legs fall asleep within 15 minutes of getting in. The only way to revive my legs is to take them out from under the thigh braces and pull my heels up to the seat making the boat unstable. Second issue with the seat is the brittleness of the plastic. I broke the seat back when learning to roll and have since replaced it with a back band. My last issue is the boat's performance in wind and rough seas. The Storm weather cocks termendously. Following seas and rolling waves cause this boat to broach. Getting this boat back on track and holding your bearing without seriously leaning (or using the ruddler) takes an act of shear will. The boat is sluggish and slow to react. On the good side this boat will take a great amout of abuse. I have experienced no oil-canning. I feel that the Storm is a good boat to learn on or act as part of a rental fleet, but if you are serious about paddling, look elsewhere. I am.