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Name: mollynina

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Can't be beat. We rent cars of all shapes and sizes to transport two Eddyline Fathom kayaks. In three years, we've yet to find a vehicle this doesn't fit.

Great product from nice people. Not only does my free-standing rack hold our two kayaks outdoors during our NYC-area paddling season, but the arms get repurposed on Suspenz' wall-mount gizmo in our garage for winter storage; a great savings in floor space.
Add-in dealing with folks like Pam--friendly and knowledgeable--and you'll find you can't get a better storage product.

My wife and I are moderately-experienced day-kayakers, having paddled singles and tandems on lakes, on Long Island Sound as well as on the lower Hudson. We recently purchased a Northstar, assuming an upgrade from a year-old Perception Carolina II. Well, storage, seating, and the quality of the bulkheads are certainly upgrades. Unfortunately, handling is not. With two paddlers–-the prime reason one elects a tandem–-this otherwise-handsome craft simply cannot track a straight line without using a rudder; it does track in reverse, if that’s important to you. While a foot longer than the craft it replaced, it is no faster. Its weight of approximately 95 lbs, plus rudder makes it a risky proposition for car-topping unless two very strong people are involved.