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Name: HatchetMatt

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I unfortunately bought 2 of these to use with 2 Tarpon 160i's. Yes they work fine on pavement. But the first trip on river rock (medium size 6-8") and they were trippin all over themselves. Not well made either, already one hex screw stripped out after the boat tipped over. I would send em back but Outdoor Play's return policy is NOT customer friendly at all. Don't recommend them either, wish I would have bought at Austin Kayak they are awesome.

I stacked two 16' Tarpons side by side as instructed and they were solid as a rock. I bought these because I can use them w/ our '98 Pathfinder factory rack and my Q-tower rack for my other car too! Saved on expense of buying 2 systems and couldn't be happier.

I just bought 2 Tarpon 160i's '08 model w/ Comfort Seating Systems from Sierra Trading Post for $632 each a couple of weeks ago. They were seconds but they look new to me. These are the first boats I have ever had or paddled and I love em. NO COMPLAINTS PERIOD! Finally took the plunge after reading review after review on all kinds of kayaks for 9 months.

I got to say these yaks are nice. No leaks, no shavings, no damage, no problem turning either and I am a beginner. I am 5'10" 170 and ran her without scuppers and didn't notice hardly any water at all. Track great and can't wait to put in again.