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Name: Rutts

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As a teenager/young adult I had no trouble hoisting the 71# heavy-weight, 17' aluminum canoes for a portage. Five decades later, retired and looking to get back into fitness paddling, I discovered the RapidFire solo canoe. WOW, what a kick!

Easy to shoulder, at 25#, to launch and talk about responsive in the water! In a short time the craft almost reads your mind as to what you want to do. In rapids as well as pretty big waves on the lakes, it just eats them up! The tumblehome configuration really works. The incredible design responds easily to edging, etc. allowing terrific maneuverability.

And it's tough! On my first paddle in rapids on the Verde river in AZ, my unplanned "river bank relocation project" left the RapidFire none-the worse for the experience. In a word, it is a GREAT solo canoe!