Name: snormaaz

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Got my first touring kayak and although the cockpit opening is small, still bought the splash deck mini skirt in yellow to block water drips and sun and wind. Here in Arizona didnt want one in black as would get too hot in the sun most of the year. Yellow splash deck kept water off my legs and mesh zipper pocket for phone or lightweight items. Could slide the splash deck forward to enter or exit kayak without removing it. Can see phone screen thru mesh. Will remain cooler in summer sun, while warmer in our short winters. Easy to put on, stays on cockpit size 1.7, so far so good.

Purchased in December 21 after researching how to cartop kayak, and doing so with rented kayak using manual methods. Before I bought kayak had to be able to cartop up and down by myself, at 5' 3" petite senior woman. All other methods saw had to deadlift kayak part way, which wasn't doable for 12' yak.

Saw diy videos using pvc pipe or 2x4s that were in right direction but left 10' pipe to haul. Then saw Easy Rack Ramp and seemed to be practical and company had worked out bugs. So bought it and able to load at sunrise in driveway, at rocky shoreline, etc a 11.5' SOT kayak, including after a day paddle. Quick to assemble or dissasemble, easy attach to suv side rails. I load upside down, so roll kayak to ramp, flip it upside down onto ramp, remove cart, and slide up onto crossbars. I can stop part way up and get under it better and ramp poles have no sag. The poles have looser joint and velcro together, so the wet or cold or desert 100' temps wont cause pole segments to stick together. The velcro twists leaving gap so always able to remove it. Poles are thick walled also. All in all it solves the problem easily and simply!!!