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Name: Welzar

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Just an update on my recent purchase of a Pack canoe. Took it for a 3 day float trip on the Delaware River. This canoe just swallows gear. It held all my gear and a cooler and fishing tackle etc and still had room for more.

Very stable with a full load, tracked reasonably well and handled Class I and II rapids with no problem. I'll keep this canoe until I can't canoe anymore. It does everything you ask of it.

I bought a Pack after reading the reviews here. I'm 61 and my 17' Old Town Canadienne was just getting to be too much for me to load and unload. So with mixed emotions I sold it after 23 years of use.

I couldn't be happier with the Pack. The weight is what drew me towards it, but it is more than the weight. I'm an experienced paddler and canoe is a pleasure to paddle. I use a Bending Branches Beavertail most of the time, I like the process of paddling but I did buy a 240 cm kayak paddle for getting across big lakes quickly. It is stable for a small canoe and once moving it is easy to control. It holds all my gear for camping and is a great platform for flyfishing.

It is a joy to load, unload and portage. It has bought back the spontaneity to canoeing that I missed. If you want a great solo canoe that does everything, this is the canoe for you.