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Name: kathiewebb

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Love my Nelo, had it 10yrs from new. I'm Australian, female, 63 and love paddling on the ocean. I always feel safe in the Nelo as it handles so well. It is like a fish in a following sea, picks up the wave momentum and rides smoothly. Can't praise it enough. Will buy another if anything happens to this one.

I have owned a Nelo Amassalik touring sea kayak since May 2006. I have two other sea kayaks, one plastic and one carbon fibre by a different manufacturer, but this is my favourite kayak by far.

I am a 62 year old female paddler and have been kayaking for over 11 years. I love paddling my Nelo on the ocean in all sorts of conditions as I feel so safe in it. In a following sea it behaves like a fish & gives me a smooth, fast & fun ride. I continuously recommend this kayak to other paddlers because of its reliability & amazing handling on water. It is also a beautiful boat to look at, with great lines.
I love this boat.