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Name: cathyboje

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I bought the Rack and Roll trailer online in September 2007 from a company in NC as they advertised free shipping. A little challenging to put it together by myself, but it was well worth it. I have used it quite a few times this year and it is great. As a female kayaker, this trailer is just perfect for me. It is easy to use as a cart and also easy to tow behind my small SUV. I keep my kayaks in the backyard and I can just pull the trailer by hand down to the driveway with the kayaks on it and hook it up to my car easily. I had a few minor problems with the trailer, but the company’s customer service is just great and they sent me what I needed at no charge. Plus... I had not sent in my warranty card back when I bought the trailer and they still took care of me. Make sure you get the extra wheel to support the trailer evenly when not hitched to the car, this is a great asset. I just love my Rack and Roll trailer and I highly recommend it.