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Name: RobbieIrl

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This board is a surfing machine! I downsized from an 11 2 Widepoint and I have an older 8-6 Hypernut. This board has loads of glide, and you can take on and easily catch anything from 1 foot to 10 foot with ease. I'm 215 lbs and 5-10. You can paddle the board for a couple of miles to get to a break and still have energy to spare. I surf in Ireland, Sligo & Donegal mainly. Pros: Everything you need for the big surfer. Cons: None apart from MAYBE the lack of the choice of a 10 - 0 in the Wedge range as a next board. The 10 - 2 wedge might be a good move, but moving down to a 10 - 0 would I think be better. I will stick with the 10 5 Widepoint for a while longer or until then.... It's a fantastic surf machine!