Name: baferri

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I have had my Lincoln Quoddy Light for 3 years and I just love it. We actually have two of these boats in the family. I am 5'1" and about 145 lbs and mostly paddle on lakes. I can easily paddle my favorite 3 lake trek (about 6 miles) and still have enough steam at the end to carry my boat out of the water, get it on my car, etc. It has a perfect blend of stability, maneuverability, and speed. It is a dream on flat water and I handles rough waters with confidence. Its also a beautiful boat in and out of the water. I like the extended key-hole cockpit for ease of getting in and out or stretching my legs a bit and the shape of hull sheds water nicely. The bulkhead storage is ample for my needs and although it is a hard fiberglass seat, i find it super supportive and comfortable. Foot pedals are easy to adjust and its super light, which i appreciate (I think it is around 33 lbs). I almost went for a cheaper boat and was so glad I was able to test out this boat before I made my final decision--I knew it was my boat the minute I gave it a spin. I know I'll have it for a good long time and would buy another one in a heartbeat. My only frustration is that it had a bit of crazing around the bulkhead storage compartment--the company offered to fix it but getting there is a bit inconvenient and I believe it is just cosmetic, so I haven't taken them up on it.