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How to Toss a Rescue Throw Bag

Video Transcript

Throwing a throw rope is in fact a multi-faceted rescue skill. There are a few things that we want to consider and think about before we actually make our throw.

Firstly, we need to make sure that we're standing in a good position, where we're not going to have any type of debris or obstacles getting in the way of our throw. Once we are in a good position, we want to make sure that our throw is timed, that we are actually throwing while our subject is upstream of us. If we are able to throw while they're upstream of us that will allow us a little bit of extra time to be able to get into a good, well-braced position to be able to pendulum into shore.

As well, what's important is that when we throw our throw bags, we want our throw bag to land going to and through our subject, or above and beyond them. You don't want to just have the bag land and hit them in the face. One, because that might create some type of injury and two, that's going to promote them grabbing on to the end of the bag. If we're able to throw to and through, they won't even be able to catch the bag. Instead they'll just grab the rope and very easily be able to pendulum into shore.

This is particularly important, not just when we're throwing the bag, but also if we're throwing the rope end


Almost anybody can throw a throw bag, but being good at throw bagging takes some practice, and takes some skill. Again, good positioning, good timing, and making sure that the bag lands where you want it to, to and through our subject are three of the essential components to excellence in throw bag throwing.

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