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"After paddling a Rumour, everything else is like kissing your sister..." Ever since…

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"After paddling a Rumour, everything else is like kissing your sister..."
Ever since I first saw the Rumour in the CD lineup, I've been curious. I almost bought an older Watermark Rumour a couple of years ago as a playboat, but figured it was a bit too straight tracking to fit my needs. The Necky Eliza filled the bill for a couple of seasons, and then my curiosity about the Rumour reemerged. My friend with the Watermark boat, still had it, so I went down to see him, try the boat, and brought it home. Let me say at this point that the Watermark boat is the original shape and is quite different than the revised shape that CD is now using. I know this, not only because of what my friend had told me, but also because Nigel Foster has since elaborated on the subject in an email exchange we had recently. I've since acquired a Kevlar CD Rumour, because my girlfriend found Rumour I so appealingly efficient.

Rumour I is a tight, low volume, tippy speed needle that will surf small waves because of its amazing efficiency. It will respond to a lean and will behave quite well surfing, as long as the paddler has good technique. It will make one a better paddler. The newer CD version, has a slightly larger cockpit opening, higher deck and much more initial stability. It will accommodate a slightly larger paddler, and is much less scary. Most of the attributes of the original have been kept in the vanilla version, but whenever I get back in #1, I am amazed.

I have some boats that may be as fast or faster, but none that will go as fast with moderate effort. I've done some gps trials with my other boats to try and get a handle on performance, and the results need to be carefully analyzed. It's hard to come to conclusions when looking over the data, but when I first got in #1, there was no question that this boat was exceptional. Nigel prefers the original and has two of them, one at each of his places. He's also removed the skegs, as he feels they are unnecessary. I rarely find the need myself.

These boats need to be outfitted with hip pads. I didn't like #1 much until I had outfitted it properly. I almost DIDN'T buy it, but now am so glad I did. CD may have built a few of the old shape; the picture in the '05 catalogue looks like #1. I'm trying to find out more about this and may post more on it if I do. #2 is still a remarkable boat.

I've given a rating of 9 only because the Kajak Sport hatch covers are the plastic and rubber kind that are a bitch to put on, but can be replaced with the nice rubber ones for a mere $168. Mine are on the way. Because the outfitting in #2 didn't let me get on the back deck for rolling and the foot braces wouldn't accommodate my girlfriends long legs, I removed all that stuff: seat, back band etc, and fitted the boat out with foam seat, back pillar, knee padding and bulkhead blocking for feet. #2 now weighs 38lbs!