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What other Perks members say

"I have been a Paddling Perks member for well over 10 years. I have used the reviews and classifieds many times to both buy and sell a kayak. I recommend to everyone I can."

"This program is one of a kind, I hope you offer every year. Best paddling website around."

"A day without is a day without sunshine!"

"I am just glad to help support you and grow..."

"Really enjoy the program... just wish I'd win the sweepstakes once :-) "

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Program Rules

Your Perks membership and benefits will be available to you for 12 months from the date that you sign up. For example, if you signed up for Perks on June 15, 2018, then your membership and benefits will be available to you through June 14, 2019. At that time, you may renew or change the Perks level for another year. Any benefits or discounts not used during your membership year will expire. The Perks program is currently only offered for US paddlers, we hope to add Canada and others soon.

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ACK Exclusive Discount Offer

Save 20% off one item*

Coupon codes are single use and valid through 4/18/2018.

When does the offer expire?

The 20% off discount expires April 18, 2018.  You must sign up for Paddling Perks by 5p ET on April 18 to receive the discount offer.

How do I receive the ACK discount?

First, sign up for Paddling Perks. Then look for your unique coupon code in an email from  Emails will be sent within 24 hours of signup.

Offer Details:

*20% OFF One Item offer excludes Hobie and Wilderness Systems products as well as all kayaks, SUPs, canoes and all other boats, trailers, electronics, gift certificate and any closeout or specially priced products. Free shipping offer excludes Hobie products as well as all items of hazardous materials, HI, AK and international orders and orders under $49. Other exclusions may apply. All offers exclude prior purchases and cannot be combined with other offers. Coupon offer expires: 04/18/2018.