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Scout Sail

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Scout Sail Description

The Scout Sail is a accessory brought to you by WindPaddle. Read Scout Sail reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Scout Sail Reviews

Read reviews for the Scout Sail by WindPaddle as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I love sailing the lake on...

I love sailing the lake on good days but packing out even the small sailboat can sometimes be a pain. The WindPaddle lets me rig my 13'6" tandem as a pretty decent flat-top sailer with much less effort than a sailboat. Of course, it's not a sailboat and this sail doesn't take up very much wind and it really doesn't catch well beyond about 120` but it's very easy to rig and incredibly forgiving on the water. Almost makes me want to rig a mast on my SoT and take for a real sail...

The WindPaddle Scout is an...

The WindPaddle Scout is an amazing little sail. I had been using a 42" golf umbrella for a couple years with my WS Tarpon. This year I took a Mohawk 16' canoe to Cranberry lake in the ADK preserve for four days. I had mounted the sail on the center thwart and popped it up as we turned downwind. We were cutting wake for 3 miles, then turned across a bay and although the wind was a breeze there, we sailed crosswind 2 miles in short order and pulled right up at tent site, only use of paddle was as a rudder.

Great product, fun and practical. Wife got to read her book all the way back on 3 days of excursions. No boat should be without one.

Love it, love it, love it!...

Love it, love it, love it! Takes only seconds to hook to me 14.5 Delta kayak. At first I thought it would only be useful when the wind was at my back, but in no time I figured out how to tack. Now, I can skim there and back. What fun!

I am reviewing the smaller...

I am reviewing the smaller Windpaddle sail, the Scout, that fits my 9.5 Perception Tribe Kayak. I tried it out on Taylorsville Lake and had an absolute ball. The lake was really high from all the rain we've had, and there was a breeze coming from the Southwest. I had no trouble rigging it or unfurling it and soon found myself at the northern end of the lake. I plan to take it with me every time I go, it's so easy to use.

WindPaddle Scout owner here. What fun. I have two of these sails…

WindPaddle Scout owner here.
What fun. I have two of these sails. One red and one yellow. That way friends can try them out, too. I have used the Scout on all of my 4 touring/recreational kayaks. The Scout is a dream on the 13ft touring kayak and on the 12ft recreational kayak. I have recently used it on my 10ft sit-on-top with fun success. And lastly, it is silly to see it on my 8ft recreational kayak.

On the longer boats the sail is easy to deploy and easy to control as the boats go straight easily.
On the sit-on-top Coupe the sail is fun. But the only negative on this boat with the sail is that when you put the sail away there is no deck rigging to put the sail under. You need to use the cord that goes around the folded sail to hold it together. This is awkward as the cord is in a strange spot with the kayak attachment points. The sail sometimes comes loose because I can't get the cord centered on the folded sail as one of the attachments is in the way.
And on the 8ft boat. It is very funny to try to control the boat and the sail as with the short boat the bow won't stay straight.

I have a carabineer I attach the sail to my PFD when I need to use my paddles. I could just hold the rope in my mouth, but I know how many lakes that rope has been in. Maybe this isn't the right way, but it works wonders.

I love the sail. And I love skimming across the water when the wind is at my back. If only it would work to go upwind...