17' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Temagami Options

  • Kevlar Fusion

    41 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite
  • Carbon Fusion

    38 lb
    Carbon Composite
  • Expedition Kevlar

    49 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite

    Temagami Description

    Many paddlers - particularly those with small children - do not want to give up performance in exchange for stability and volume. While the Temagami may not have quite the speed of the Winisk, it has enormous stability and room for pets, gear and children. The Temagami performs a multitude of jobs well and will also appeal to those who intersperse a bit of easier whitewater with their flat water paddling.

    *This model no longer stocked in stores, but available by special order

    Temagami Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Seating Configuration: Tandem
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

    Additional Attributes

    • Contour Seats
    • Contour Yoke

    Swift Canoe & Kayak
    Temagami Reviews

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    We've had this canoe for six…

    Submitted by: paddler896520 on 11/11/2020
    We've had this canoe for six springs now - two small kids, two big dogs, and week-long backcountry trips to Verendrye, Temagami (twice!), Algonquin, Killarney, and the French/Georgian Bay. The old big dogs have passed away now and have been replaced by a big pup, the kids are getting bigger (soon to be 10 and 11), and the Temagami still feels big enough to hold them all. Kevlar Fusion layup is a joy to portage, miraculously less than 40 lbs, and has held up really well. We've had it out in big water in 4' waves, dragged it nearly full over beaver dams in small, windy creeks and just about everything in between, with the exception of, of course, whitewater. It likes a load, and rides a bit high without one, and so on a windy lake, may not be for the soloist. And though it's not the fastest boat because of its volume, it's far from the slowest either. Things I'd change? Not much. I've thought about this a lot .. in retrospect though the kevlar gunnels are light, they may not be as stiff as aluminum. this is more of a trade-off than a nit or criticism.

    We've rented the Temagami a…

    Submitted by: paddler236404 on 7/31/2015
    We've rented the Temagami a few times for trips into Massassauga and Kawartha Highlands parks, and can compare it to the Algonquin 17 which we've rented many times for trips into Algonquin. We have 2 big packs, 2 kid daypacks, and a food barrel and 2 small kids (7 and 5) all fit very comfortably (either 2 kids on the center seat or one further back sitting on a pack).

    We've used the expedition kevlar fusion, at ~46 pounds, and with the centre seat, the yoke is mounted backwards. My husband says it is a dream to portage; very well-balanced and no strain on a 1km portage with hills. I concur it does catch wind on a big windy lake, but that's not a bad trade-off for the superb balance, stability, and fairly good speed when tripping with small kids.

    I would love to buy one soon and can see from other reviews it could last us until our kids are a bit bigger too.


    I purchased our Temagami 7…

    Submitted by: paddler236231 on 5/18/2015
    I purchased our Temagami 7 years ago (for my wife's 50th birthday). For family tripping we had outgrown our ancient used Sears figerglass canoe, and needed more space (growing daughter, large dog, and lots of gear).

    Our first summer using the Temagami we ran into a major storm while paddling out of Killarney Lake. We would certainly have been swamped by the waves before getting back to hugging the shore if we'd been in our old canoe. So our new purchase paid off right away! It's also lighter so I don't dread the portages (as much) as I age!


    Several years ago I spent…

    Submitted by: szwink on 5/2/2011
    Several years ago I spent quite a bit of time looking for an open water canoe for the family to use. After trying several different makes we purchased the Temagami in expedition Kevlar. 54 pounds and balanced well enough for my wife and I to lift over our heads and load on top of the van.

    In the water the canoe is a dream. Properly waxed the hull cuts through the water with ease. A broad side wind has a tendency to push the canoe around a bit, but that may be due to having 5 people on board catching the wind as well. For fishing, the canoe offers a steady responsive canoe to work from.

    Tough to paddle solo, I am actively looking for my solo Swift canoe.


    As with any canoe, I'm rating…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/25/2004
    As with any canoe, I'm rating it in the context that it was chosen for. The immediate intended uses are:

    1) Family tripping canoe for 2-3 day trips with 2 adults and 3 kids ages 7 1/2, 5 and 3.

    2) Big tripping canoe for a 6-day spring base-camp style fishing trip. Heavily loaded going in, daytripping with the empty canoe to fish all week.

    Family Tripping - We're quite happy with it so far, which admittedly was only an afternoon on the water. It handled well, even with squirming kids. Had 2 kids on the centre seat and one kneeling/squirming between the back thwart and the centre thwart. The 2 on the centre seat weren't squished at all.

    A very stable canoe, barely felt the kids moving around, they had to literally all move to one side for us to care. My 7 year old was trying to rock the canoe back and forth, so he was definitely comfortable. My 2 year old also got comfortable enough to try and stand up (he sat down again pretty quick. The only time it seemed a bit hard to paddle was when my oldest decided to sit up on the centre thwart which put too much weight forward and push the bow down. As soon as I had him move back to the back thwart you could feel the difference. Another positive sign that it handles well when properly trimmed.

    Figure we have room for at least 2 big packs and a 'wannigan' for our 3 day trip in July. Might even have room to take the dog along.

    2) Base-camp Fishing Trip - Heavily loaded for the trip in and out of Algonquin the canoe handled well, probably slower than the Langford Northwind we were paddling with but then again we were fishing on the way and the other guys weren't. Paddling empty all week for fishing, we had no problem with the standard heavy waves on Welcome, even paddling almost sideways to the waves.

    Very happy with my choice so far.