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Wave Kayak Paddle

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Wave Kayak Paddle Description

The Wave Kayak Paddle is a paddle brought to you by Cannon Paddles. Read Wave Kayak Paddle reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you!

Wave Kayak Paddle Reviews


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Wave Kayak Paddle Reviews

Read reviews for the Wave Kayak Paddle by Cannon Paddles as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I originally bought an extra…

Submitted by: tonykiz on 8/27/2012
I originally bought an extra long Cannon Wave aluminum paddle for use on solo canoeing, but I preferred using a single blade paddle. When I bought a kayak, I needed to get a much shorter paddle, so I called Cannon to ask them what they could do for me. They offered to exchange the paddle for one of the length I needed for a few dollars and the cost of shipping. A few days later, I had my new paddle. Paddle performance is excellent, this paddle really digs in and gets you going without any flex, flutter, etc. I couldn't be more pleased with the top quality construction and performance.

Last summer, I said I would…

Submitted by: ljleejohns on 4/2/2010
Last summer, I said I would use my Cannon Wave paddles (two piece and four piece) in the winter and try to break or shatter their carbon/fibre shafts by putting them through their paces in sub-freezing temperatures. Well, I failed!

On several occasions, when temps were in the low 20s F. (circa -5 C.), I was out for hours at a time in Advanced Elements inflatables (whose air chambers help insulate the paddler against the cold), accelerating quickly, turning sharply, and generally stressing the paddles as best I could. Not only did they endure all this, but they were actually warm to hold with bare hands. What a change from composite shafts that splintered in the cold.

I reported these happy results to a paddle expert at MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-Op) who said the Cannon Wave carbon/fibre shaft paddle has become a best seller and a favourite in the local kayaking community. Its powerful blade and strong shaft join with its great swing weight and outstanding value (in the low hundreds, Canadian) to put it at the forefront.

Well, this fussy reviewer is now convinced: for the four piece, a rating of 9; for the two piece a rating of 10. Add in its value, this paddle rates a well-deserved and overall 10. Catch the "Wave," say I.


This review applies to the…

Submitted by: ljleejohns on 8/17/2009
This review applies to the Cannon "Wave" paddles, 230 cm, carbon/fibre shafts, two-piece and four-piece, tested by both myself (6'1" 225 lbs) and my son (6'3" 185 lbs) on our Advanced Elements Expeditions with BackBones. We routinely maintained a 5-6 mph pace, did rapid stops, carved power turns, and tried our best to break these paddles. I do winter kayaking in Canada and have shattered glass and composite shafts in sub-freezing temps - which has left me a bit frosty on the subject! My aluminum shaft paddles get pretty darned cold in such conditions, and the advice to wear heavier gloves is not all that helpful. So, here are the Cannon "Wave" paddles, which, I am assured, will survive cold conditions without shattering. We'll see. In the meantime, here is a preliminary report:

1) The "swing weight" of these paddles is close to perfection. Although these are not the lightest paddles out there (Accents, for example, are as much as ten ounces lighter), in use, these "Waves" feel so light and so want to dig into the water that they are like feathers - one could swing them all day without tiring, it would seem.

2) The two-piece is ever so slightly better than the four-piece for balance, smoothness, and its tiny bit lower weight. The four-piece is my choice for traveling, though - and the two-piece is for local waters.

3) Both of these paddles really "grip" the water and move it along better than other paddles I have tried. This yields more power. I have tried to flex the blades but cannot because they are so rigid and stiff, which helps their ability to move water.

4) Although the four-piece is not quite as close to perfection as the two-piece, I have not encountered another four-piece as easy to use as this one. Even many two-piece paddles I have used (with composite, glass shafts) feel "clunky" and awkward compared to this four-piece "Wave."

5) All large-bladed paddles I have used "wobble" a bit in the water when one barely grips their shafts. This is also true of the "Waves," and I do not know if this is an inherent problem with all paddles of this design.

6) Next spring, I will update this review, after seeing how the "Wave" paddles hold up in cold temps. In hockey, carbon shafts shatter impressively, compared to aluminum or wood - let's hope that does not happen with these paddles. If they survive my (largely unintended) abuse, I'll gladly rate them higher.


This is a good paddle to…

Submitted by: paddler232654 on 6/16/2008
This is a good paddle to start out on. It's reasonably priced and is very comfortable. When I go kayaking with my wife and friends they generally find the Wave is comfortable to use and doesn't cause blisters like some other paddles. You can paddle as hard as you like with no flutter which is good too.

I used the Cannon Wave kayak…

Submitted by: paddler232637 on 6/10/2008
I used the Cannon Wave kayak paddle today for 5 hours and found it to be a great piece of craftsmanship. My buddy had a rented paddle and it was like using two shovels. The Cannon was light, cut through the water easy and there was no flutter. I'd recommend it for anyone starting out as a great investment and good value for money.

Cannon wave paddle with…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/25/2005
Cannon wave paddle with carbon shaft. Also available with fiber glass shaft, but of course the carbon is a little lighter. Composite plastic blades. Was bought for surf and white water paddling by a touring paddler who does not want to, and has read it is not good to try to paddle two different feather angles. This is the only paddle I could find with 60 degree feather and under 210cm in length. Lightest paddle under $150. After my $220 Whetstone carbon touring paddle, this is next in line. Great paddle, good swing weight, strong and light.