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Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown: Volume 2


An Instructional Journey around the spectacular Islands of St. Kilda
By Simon Willis
Eight coaching sessions lie at the heart of this DVD and cover essential sea kayak rescue techniques.

Working with individuals and groups, techniques are demonstrated in calm water and rough, with on-screen graphics and slow motion emphasising key learning points. From the basics of Assisted Rescues, Self Rescues, Contact Tows and Distance Tows, the coaching develops explore more complex rescue scenarios. Using a group of experienced paddlers in challenging situations we see how difficult rescues under pressure can be. The group also attempts technical landings on rocky shores, and we learn from their common mistakes, before Gordon demonstrates a swim landing and launch in outrageous conditions.

The emphasis is on providing training drills and techniques for the viewer to practice on the water and thereby improve their own techniques. Multiple HD cameras and high power waterproof radio microphones capture every moment and put the viewer at the heart of the action.

An exceptional sea kayak film in its own right, the St Kilda journey provides a narrative counterpoint to the intensity of the coaching sessions.

Length: Over 130 minutes, with 80 mins of coaching.

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