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Forgotten Skills


Expert Techniques and Equipment Tips to Make your Camping Experience More Rewarding!

Directed by Cliff Jacobson

If you've ever been cold, wet, or miserable in the backcountry, this video's for you! Cliff Jacobson, a professional canoe guide and outfitter for the Science Museum of Minnesota, a wilderness canoeing consultant, and the author of more than a dozen top-selling books on camping and canoeing, shows us the techniques he's learned over the last 50 years for "smoothing the way" through the wild outdoors. Learn how to tell a good tent from a bad one and how to make any tent more resistant to wind and rain. Discover how to rig single and double rain tarps, tie essential knots, sleep comfortably outdoors, choose and use edged tools, make fire in the rain, and more...a full 90 minutes of skills, many long forgotten in today's world of Gore-tex and fleece.

Length: 90 Minutes

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