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Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures


From the University of Sea Kayaking
Directed by Wayne Horodowich

The first volume in the University of Sea Kayaking's "In Depth Instructional" series, is a must have for paddlers. Since exposure to the elements is the number one cause of death among sea kayakers, and capsizing is part of sea kayaking, you cannot afford to miss the information presented in this DVD.

Volume 1: "Capsize Recoveries" (123 min) Provides an in-depth review of the numerous ways of getting back into your kayak after a capsize. Demonstrations include Single kayaks, Double kayaks, Folding kayaks and Sit-On-Tops. Learn the different ways of emptying water, re-entering your kayak, helping your partner and using the equipment necessary for a successful recovery. This DVD even includes on water boat repair techniques.

Volume 2: "Rescue Procedures" (123 min) A capsize should not become an emergency, but if it does, this DVD will provide vital information in what to do in case of an emergency. See detailed flare demonstrations, emergency radio simulations, how to dress for immersion, understanding and treating exposure, towing and special rescue techniques and much more.

You get both volumes for one low price!

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