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Bracing Clinic - "The Art of Staying Upright"

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From the University of Sea Kayaking
Directed by Wayne Horodowich
The fifth volume in the popular USK "In-Depth" instructional series.

"It is easier to stay upright, than to get upright" is one of USK's basic teaching philosophies. Capsizing is a part of kayaking. However, if you are fast enough and have developed the right skills, your chances of staying upright increase dramatically.

Over his years of teaching, Wayne Horodowich has found a great progression for teaching bracing that allows the paddler to learn the necessary movements on land and sitting in water before they try it in their kayaks. This way they can learn the blade and body movements without the concern of capsizing. When the students feel they understand the blade and body recovery movements, they can move into their kayaks on the water with a much higher success rate when trying their braces.

Included in this DVD are a number of on water exercises that help develop better bracing skills. Some of these techniques are also methods you can use to keep you from ever getting to the need for a brace. We also introduce the concept of bracing environments to help expand the paddler's awareness. The goal is to provide you with the tools you need so you can start mastering the "Art of staying upright."

Length: 111 Minutes

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