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  • 17' 6" Length
  • 24" Width
  • $1,689 MSRP

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I was paddling a Tsunami...

I was paddling a Tsunami 175 for two weeks in Yukon river. Incredible storage capacity, stable and very, very comfortable, I ordered one when I returned to home!

The boat weathercocks...

The boat weathercocks without a rudder. That is the most important thing to know.

The boat is enormous. I am 5' 10" and 220 now. It is easy to enter and exit for me. My size 10s have no problem in the braces or stretched out. There is enough room in this kayak for an unsupported journey of at least 5 days in comfort. I could do 10+ days if I didn't have to carry water. It has been all over the everglades and east coast of Florida over the last 5 years.

I got mine as a seconds. Couldn't find the blemish. Only problem was it didn't have a rudder. In stiff winds (15+ mph) it definitely westhercocks. I hated fighting that boat during bad weather. Droping a leg didn't help at all. Nor did leaning. Good news is I got a rudder and solved that problem.

Initial and secondary stability are rock solid. I have been hit by quartering waves over my head and never felt in danger due to the boat.

Not flashy, heavy, but it will haul your whole garage for many miles.

I inherited this from my...

I inherited this from my brother after he 'paddled on' to a new realm. It is a great boat! It tracks well, the rudder is actually useful in lakes and ocean, it holds plenty of gear in addition to my own (over)weight, and the cockpit is sized to fit my slightly over wide frame.

I highly recommend this for everything from recreational pond paddling to week long expeditions.
I must say... it looks awful funny sitting atop my tiny Honda Fit...

I love this boat. I have...

I love this boat. I have currently logged more than 500 miles in this boat. I am currently entered into the MR340 and can not wait to take this thing across the State of Missouri. I am a larger woman and the Tsunami fits me with ease. It is a little sluggish maneuvering it, but to be expected in this style of boat as far as I am concerned. I have only had one thing happen that I am trying to get fixed. One of the thigh pads pulled loose by cracking where the nut sits in the plastic.

I would recommend this boat for anyone who wants to take a long haul. Plenty of storage space for several nights.
Great Job; Love this Kayak

Excellent boat for ocean...

Excellent boat for ocean play, it handles like a dream and is more stable that I am! Responsive in the rocks yet comfy to paddle all day. I would buy another

This kayak is fantastic...

This kayak is fantastic for extended trips on big rivers and lakes. Tracking and stability are great even for beginners and it is plenty big to fit the largest of kayakers. I've fished out of a Tsunami and was very comfortable and floated downstream on the Mississippi River for hours.

I give this kayak a 9 only because I give all of my favorite kayaks a 9 in hopes that I can find the one and only 10!!!

I really like this boat. I...

I really like this boat. I am a larger paddler 6feet 280lbs and this boat fits me really well. It has a high deck, which I really appreciate.

The boat has plenty of space for long trips and generally performs well. I bought the plastic version of the Tsunami 175 and am happy with the tracking, stability, ability to edge, and overall speed. The extra weight (compared to the composite version) doesn't seem to matter much once its in the water.

The Tsunami is not the most maneuverable boat but it's the best that I've paddled for it's size. I have paddled the composite version and it does seem to handle better in choppy conditions but otherwise the plastic and composite were similar.

I spent a little extra to put the recreational seat from the Tsunami 145 in and was really comfortable afterwards, the default is a backband seat, which promotes better posture but does not give you much support. I can roll this boat empty but have not tried with a load.

Overall great boat

I have paddled the Tsunami...

I have paddled the Tsunami 175 Rotomold (without rudder) for 10 months now! I love this boat; it is made well and tracks great! Wind cocking is at a minimum for a high volume kayak unless there is a 3 mph current behind you. I have paddled every bit of Tellico Lake with its 354 miles of shore line and 2 deep water mountain lakes in East Tennessee!

The real reason I chose this as my first sea kayak was it can haul as much gear as a barge. The boat has great initial and secondary stability! You can role it but its a little slow to role. I did teach a teen that never set in a kayak how to role it in 5 minutes!

The true test I put this kayak through was the MR 340! This is a 340 mile non-stop unlimited ultra in the world from KC to St. Charles, MO on the Missouri river! The Tsunami performed great without problem even when I was wore out. The Wilderness System seat is one of the best. The Tsunami was able to finish the 340 mile race in 13th place out of 76 men's solo paddlers! Not bad for what call the boats only draw back. The draw back is that it is a heavy boat at 66 lbs!

Overall this is a great boat and I would advise any one to try one out! Great job Wilderness Systems!