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Sea Ghost 110 Reviews

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  • 11' Length
  • 33" Width
  • 62 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 829.99 MSRP

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As a newbie to kayaking, I...

As a newbie to kayaking, I was looking for my own kayak with the most bang for my buck regarding quality, comfort, functionality, dry storage, stability, accessories, and looks. This Vibe Sea Ghost 110 covered all bases for me! Going thru many different kayak reviews and cost/feature ratios, The Vibe Sea Ghost 110 had, for me, the best ratio! My maiden voyage went incredibly smooth and was very enjoyable. Before I knew it, 4 hours had flown, well paddled, by! The chair was very comfortable and my SG110 very stable in the mildly choppy waters. The many dry storage locations were great...especially the large, long center console! Having a rudder and paddle included in the package made my initial investment even more rewarding. As I was with an experience kayaker, who was on a different make/model, I was able ask questions and receive experienced answers regarding my new ride and handling different paddling situations. I encourage anyone looking for their first, second, or whatever number kayak to not go any further than the Vibe Sea Ghost 110 or Vibe Sea Ghost 130...depending on your specific need. My purpose at this time is purely recreational. However, this is the kayak to have for fishing as well! I would also like to mention Oscar of Fancy Fin Pro Shop (Vibe dealer in San Antonio) for his time and experience with my new purchase! He is veteran friendly! Thank you!

I've had this boat since...

I've had this boat since March on both lakes and rivers in Southwest Missouri. I don't know what Vibe could change to make this a better boat. Its very stable, even for a 62 year old. It has every option I could ask for. They are properly positioned and designed for function and durability. My paddling group took a float down the beautiful Eleven Point River last weekend and of all the SOT kayaks, my SeaGhost and I were the only ones to make it without a flip. Its not made for that, just an added bonus. It holds all of my fishing equipment, is easily modified for more equipment and it allows you to put what you need, where you need it. There is no need to pay hundreds more for an excellent fishing kayak. Your search should end here.

Been out twice in a week....

Been out twice in a week. This is my 4th kayak for me but my 6th for my family. I've owned Acend SIK & SOT, Jackson Cussa, Predator 13, Old Town Vapor SIK and Wilderness Ride 115. Other then the Cussa which I rolled and my cousin rolled I have never felt less uncertain then the Vibe. I always feel like Im leaning to one side or another very hard for me to get centered. Even though there his high low seating the high isn't really that high. Im 5 ' 8 230 but muscular and somewhat flexible and I couldn't get up safely on my own. I ordered the strap assist after first trip and used it the second trip. Stood up looked around and sat back down I didn't want to risk falling it where I was at so Ill have to try again. The center hatch is pointless to use it you have to really stretch out to unbuckle it then pull it up and hold on too it. Get what you need and the carefully secure back down. I saw a youtube video of a guy making a hinge for it so I made the hinge and my strut just came in so Ill be installing it soon this allows for one hand lifting with strut assist. They rudder rail where the pedals are seem a little flimsy when I use the rudder pedal I can see the side walls of the kayak flexing almost like it should of been a little stronger there.

For me I love to stand up and fish and I probably should of purchased the Sea Ghost 130. Vibes customer service is pretty good and ship fast. Kayak delivered with some damage and they refunded me $100 immediately and that took care of the shipping charge. Over good for someone a little lighter that doesn't mind fishing while sitting, storage is good put three rods in it. Seat is for about 3 hours then I'm fidgeting around. The boat sais 62 pound but feels allot heavier but I will say it is evenly weighted. I can pick it up from handles over my head and its perfectly level not fighting the kayak trying to keep it level.

my husband and I just...

my husband and I just started the kayak fishing and this is the perfect starter kayak. I've shopped around and this quality for the money can't be beat. The kayak is stable and rides evenly, love it.

after using my vibe sea...

after using my vibe sea ghost 110 for the last six months I had enjoyed it very much. it is a very good beginners fishing yak that come fully equipped with everything you will need from plenty of storage, a decent rutter system, two rod holders and plenty of gear tracks and options for customization. for the price I would deffinitly recommend this yak for beginners that don't want to spend $1000 dollars on a take that doesn't even come with all the bells and whistles.

Above all, the value for...

Above all, the value for your dollar is unbelievable. The Sea Ghost has great stability, tracks very well and crazy comfortable. 8+ hours on the water is a joy. One minor warranty claim, may or may not have been my fault, was taken care of within 24 hours, part was delivered in 36. I'd highly recommend Vibe, any of their products. Great company, great products.

This was meant to be my...

This was meant to be my upgrade from a lower-end fishing Kayak I purchased a few years ago. At one point I was looking at the 130 model but finally settled on the 110.

What can I say. I've been in love with this kayak from day one. Having one craft up North I use a ton on fresh water rivers and lakes, I didn't want to haul it to Florida every year, so we bought this Sea Ghost 110 for my fishing on the SW coast of Florida.

I'm an avid Spotted Sea Trout fisherman and amongst that species, I also do a ton of snook and red fish fishing, along with Amber jack and anything else I can get on the line.

So I believe I made the right choice here. While I do more touring on salt water in touring kayaks, they tend to be a little less appropriate for my salt water fishing. This Kayak meets my needs perfectly.

First if all, its comfortable. All day long. I enjoy being able to stand, but also the seat is extremely comfortable, so sitting all day isn't impossible. Especially on rougher waters. Although very stable when you stand, I do however like to sit on heavier chop.

The storage is great and so far, without hindering my time, I've found my gear easy to access and tackle quickly put to use. So when I hit a good spot, In not wasting time reaching for tackle in poorly placed storage. Which is one of my major dislikes about my fishing Kayak I keep up north. Although there's plenty of storage space, getting to it is a hassle in that kayak, in this one, everything is at my fingertips.

So far, I've really loved my last 4 outings and did great nailing some spotted trout. All in all, this Kayak is worth the money. No disappointment whatsoever. Just a great investment.