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by Vermont Canoe


This pack boat is a blast to paddle. It is fast…

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This pack boat is a blast to paddle. It is fast and slices through the wind like a kayak. Great capacity for gear or child/dog in back. Too much weight in the front (over 40 lbs) and handling suffers greatly. It feels very tippy because of the rounded bottom but any experienced person will get over it very quickly.

I did not give it a 10 for 2 reasons:
1) The cane seat is not comfortable for long without a pad.
2) The rear thwart should be curved, like the Bell Bucktail, the buckle of the back brace strap actually sticks into your back if you lean back too hard. I also added carry handles in front and back to make lifting and tying down easier.

Overall a great packboat at a great price (under $1400).