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Storm Paddle

by Tuktu Paddles


Couple of weeks ago I was caught out in some pretty rough…

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Couple of weeks ago I was caught out in some pretty rough weather on the Indian River Lagoon in my 16.5 Sea Kayak and my EuroBlade. Wind was so bad I could barely hold on to my paddle. (*I also had a time problem with my right foot brace popping out. That was cool!) Looking for alternative solutions for 'the next time' I came across Greenland Style storm paddles. Found Tuktu and got one of his in-stock Storm paddles.

Man these sticks are beautiful. They look GREAT, smell great, and feeeeel great in your hands. Really good craftsmanship.

Then I took it out for a spin. Although the model I have is shorter and intended for use in windy/stormy conditions, I used it as a touring paddle (just couldn't stop paddling it!) going 16 miles round trip paddling only it.

WARNING: Once you go Greenland you will never go back! I will probably never use a Euroblade again it is that good. At first a little weird and you look at the stick and wonder if it actually works. It does and better than a Euroblade. You can maintain a much higher cruising speed that with a Euroblade. I easily matched my 16 mile round trip (lapping a spoil island from my put-in spot) in terms of time with my little Storm paddle!

I've got a full touring paddle on order now from TukTu and cannot wait.