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Classic Freestanding Racks

by Talic Storage Systems

These freestanding kayak storage racks do not require a wall for support, or any other structure. In fact, the gorgeous material we use to keep these structures standing on their own is southern yellow pine, maple, and birch plywood. These systems can be arranged to carry up to seven boats! The brackets can also be adjusted so you can arrange the frame to carry a variety of different types of boats. There are brackets that suit narrow touring kayaks, wider, stable kayaks or boats, and even large canoes. These heirloom quality systems can be upgraded and rearranged as needed. You can purchase a small system now and expand it as your collection grows .

Prices range from $595.80 to $1,376.55 for bundled rack systems.

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I purchased a Kineo stand with Saranac base to hold our canoe…

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I purchased a Kineo stand with Saranac base to hold our canoe plus two Acadia hammocks to mount on the stand for storing kayaks. I had balked at the high price for what is essentially a few pieces of wood and some nylon webbing, but I felt much better about it when I opened the boxes and saw how well made these units are.

I was very impressed with the construction and design of the unit. The folks at Talic have clearly spent some time and effort to design a simple yet effective storage system that supports and protects your boats. The materials are high quality and assembly was easy.

I still think the price is high (thus a score of only 8), but if you are looking for a well made kayak rack and don't have the desire to build one yourself, then I think the Talic system is a great choice.