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  • 10' Length
  • 30" Width
  • $ 419 From

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I picked up one on sale...

I picked up one on sale for $229. I consider myself an experienced paddler that has paddled both canoes and kayaks for over 25 yrs, so keep that in mind. I started out launching the Journey on a small river and paddled a half mile against the current with the wind in my face. For a 10 ft sit on top, it passed that test with no problems. When I turned around and paddled with the current I was smiling ear to ear. I was able to go super fast, stop and hold the kayak still and spin around at will. She went exactly where I wanted her to, all the while being extremely stable. I had no problems with tracking at all. Sure, my feet and butt were a little bit wet but that's to be expected when paddling. I haven't used it to fish yet so I can't comment on those features but the swivel rod holder is in a good spot and I like the fact that the rear storage compartment is easily removable. Great kayak for the money.



This is my second year...

This is my second year with my Sundolphin Journey 10 SS. It took a bit of getting use to but I love every butt soaking minute on the water.

Perfect kayak and great price.

First, i would like to say that all kayaks smaller than 14 feet track weird and I say this because I got used to my brothers 14 ft kayak and then purchased a 10ft kayak. The 10ft kayak I got was lifetime angler it tracked differently than a 14ft kayak and once I figured it out I fell in love with it. I now have 10ft kayaks for my whole family plus I just got a Journey 10 ss that you ride on top of for free on a pallet I got from a wholesaler for 250 bucks. I have tested it out on the water and found no issues with it tracking left it goes where I want it to. the drain plugs don't let me get wet by allowing water in the kayak I, of course, don't excede the weight limits or even come close to it which may be the reason some of the reviewers are getting soaked. The tipping issue is a personal thing because I can freely move around on this with no concerns of tipping over. the dry storage it good for exactly that license and cell phones along with food and has easy access.

Great kayak

Great kayak! I've only had I a few months but I haven't had any problems. I've turned it completely on its side and it righted itself without flipping me in the water. It does great in the river or lake. You can take motor boat wakes straight on or from the side without any issues. At first I had the problem of it pulling left with me then I read about how to control that by foot pressure. I'm still learning that technique but I'm doing much better. For the people that complain about getting wet...don't you intend to get wet when you get in the water? That's one the main reasons I go to the lake or river--cool off on a hot summer day. Seriously, after owning this kayak for a few months and just now reading some of these reviews, I must say I think some of these people writing reviews didn't know what to expect from a kayak. It's a great kayak! We've had tons of fun and plan to do more before winter hits. I do agree that the back compartment is hard to open and close but seals tight if it is closed correctly. That is the only negative to this kayak.

Bought kayak at Walmart in Burlington iowa.

Kayak did not have plugs. Manager said it didn't need the. That there is a certain amount of water supposed to be in bottom of boat. Ha. I laughed at them. They said it was a self bailer. So now if have to find plugs. Going to bass pro shop.

If you make a few changes this is a great kayak

When I first bought this kayak I was very disappointed. I use the dry well behind the seat to hold drinks while on the water and primarily fish while on the kayak. The problem I found was you instantly tip once you attempt to turn around and get into the dry well. I ended up buying some pvc and designed my own outrigger for under $30 and was done in less than an hour. It looks corny as hell but I can do whatever I want in it now...turn around, fish, or even stand up while casting. It now has incredible stability and is practically impossible to flip. I recommend to everyone who enjoys fishing without wanting to tip over to do the same. If your not willing to however this may not be the kayak for you when it comes to tippy all by itself

It Floats......but thats about it

The price is right, it floats, but thats where it ends.

First of all, this thing does not track well at all. It keeps veering to the left. Pretty unstable too. Lastly, the self bailing scuppers are terrible. I went out over the weekend and my cheeks were soaking wet within the first noine minutes. Good luck finding scupper plugs that fit this thing.

Word of advice. If you are thinking about buying this kayak because of the price, save your money and hit em' with the hein with something better.

Good for beginer or float friendly waters

I bought two of these for my 14 and 11 year sons for $200 each from Home Depot, yes Home Depot. I will admit right off the slow speed tracking sucks but they handle like a go cart on the water. The youngest turns his on a dime and negotiates obstacles with ease on flat water, we have not tried any harder currents yet. I wish I would have bought a Journey 12 for the older boy, but he can live with this for a while since he is not as into it as me and youngest. We have built a skeg or sorts for his which made the boat go straight as an arrow but made it hard to turn, we are still working on a final design.

I am 47, 6'1" and 250lbs, I found the boats to be wobbly but they have great secondary stability and you have to work to flip. None of the dry storage is exactly watertight but with some silicone and thought about what you put in them they are pretty good. They are great platforms for modifications like anchor trolleys, LEDS and other accessories.

My wife purchased this...

My wife purchased this kayak for me and I was so excited as I live fishing and have always wanted a kayak. Upon getting good on the lake I quickly realized this kayak was not for me. It was extremely tippy especially considering I have pretty good balance. The rear storage is nice but practically unusable. If you reach back to try and grab anything you immediately feel like you are going overboard. The tracking is terrible. I had to paddle 3 times on the right you every one time on the left just to stay straight. All in all I was very disappointed in the journey 10ss.

I really don't get all the...

I really don't get all the negative reviews on here. It's a 300 dollar fishing kayak and a small one at that. Sure it doesn't track well but once you get the hang of paddling it's not too bad if you don't get into high wind and rough current, even boat wakes aren't much of a problem once you get used to it.

It's plenty stable and has enough room in the cockpit that I can float fish live minnows with my spinning rod using the front rod holder to keep it in place and use my bait-caster for casting and retrieving artificials at the same time.

For the price it's a good and easily affordable kayak to start fishing with. Better to make mistakes that leave dinks, scratches and other beginner mistakes in a 300 dollar kayak than one three times as much or more

Updated review: BUYER BEWARE! After taking this kayak out and subsequently trying…

Updated review: BUYER BEWARE!
After taking this kayak out and subsequently trying out the neighbor's Future Beach 10ft kayak, I'd feel guilty if I left my previous review [2016-08-10] stand. I don't think the Sundolphin Journey 10 should be called a kayak any more than a 2x6 piece of lumber should be called a kayak. I assumed kayaks were tippy, and the dolphin is definitely that. But the FB was very stable and comfortable. I knew after about 2 paddle strokes in the neighbor's boat that I had a lemon. I was very excited to get out and fish when I bought it. But with the scupper holes allowing in so much water, it really isn't practical in Minnesota, where that water is very cold for more than half of the open water season. Plugging these holes means you eventually have a pool of accumulated splash water to sit in. I do read good things about the sit-in version of this kayak, however.

If you are looking for a fishing kayak, this isn't it. Had I taken the time to read others' reviews on the Sundolphin Journey I would have avoided it. There are more than a few quality alternatives from other manufacturers. Now I am stuck with this psuedo-kayak as even though the SunDolphin is in new condition, Dunham's sports store refused to simply exchange it for something usable. Dunhams headquarters has completely ignored my several attempts to contact them.

Don't be a fool like me. Do your research and don't rely on store employees for information unless its respectable/specialty shop.

Excited about the Sun...

Excited about the Sun Dolphin kayak, within 5 minutes my butt was soaking wet. Could not even move without feeling like I was going to flip over. Within 15 minutes I was out of the water and on my way to return it. Do not waste your time on this product. I know it was cheap $300, but sometimes cheap is not always good...

Beginner here. This thing...

Beginner here. This thing fits inside my older pathfinder, very nice to skip the roof hassle. Took it out in some wind today and it did fine. I didn't really notice that it was all that tippy, like some have said. I've only kayaked once before so maybe I just don't know any better- but it goes where I want it to go easily enough for me. I'm 6' and size was fine. The side paddle holders are cool. Like the rear storage. Low priced with lots of nice features. I have no complaints.

I understand the...

I understand the complaints about the sun dolphin journey 10ss but who are you kidding. It's perhaps the cheapest of all sit-on kayaks out there. Stop and think how cheap and easy it is to upgrade with say an anchor trolley system, add stabilizer's, electronics with the money you save. I have one and one for my daughter. We enjoy them each time we go fishing or on a trip down the river. And pretty much all 10' kayaks are tricky to track but they are also easy to transport. All in all they are a lot of kayak for your money. I recommend it to all of my fishing buddies. Good luck and enjoy.

This kayak is HORRIBLE!!!...

This kayak is HORRIBLE!!! My husband and I both bought one for each of us. We couldn't paddle straight and the boat wouldn't stop wobbling. We took them back and got out money back. We rent kayaks where we go so we know how to kayak. We did not feel safe at all in these.

I would have rated this...

I would have rated this kayak lower but it is comfortable. If all you want to do is fight with it the whole time you are out, this kayak is for you! Constantly wanted to spin to the left, had to use paddle as a rudder and then would lose all forward motion. TSC had an excellent return policy and took it back the next day. Bought a future beach and the difference was unbelievable.

For a first kayak, the Sun...

For a first kayak, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS fishing model, it is very good, but probably not for a large person. It is easy to maneuver and easy to fish from. Have only used it in a fairly calm lake.

The Sun Dolphine Journey...

The Sun Dolphine Journey 10SS is an Ok kayak for the price. The kayak doesn't track very well but it is comfortable. It has an awesome dry well that's removable and paddle indent ions with bungees to hold in place. It's not the best out there but for a price under $300 it's not bad.

My dad purchased this...

My dad purchased this kayak a couple months ago, in order to use it for fishing. With all the adjustments he's made, it turned out to be a pretty solid piece of equipment. It has a smooth ride that makes for easy handling on the river. And from what he's said it does really well on the lakes too.

We were very excited to...

We were very excited to purchase these at TS, at first... Very unstable in the water, very VERY unstable. I was actually afraid to catch anything because every time I turned my body, even slightly, I almost tipped right over. I'm 5'4" at 150. Hubby is about 240 and had the same issues so it's not based on weight, it's got to be the design. Thankfully we took them out in a small cove and not in the lake... Couldn't imagine trying to stay balanced with waves and wakes! Tracked decently in calm water once you got into a groove but there again you couldn't become unbalanced or you had to start over again, very frustrating. The paddle boarders were passing us at an alarming rate for crying out loud, lol... We ended up getting the Aruba 10. MUCH safer and overall better boat for slightly less and we have no issues fishing with them :)

I bought the Sundolphin...

I bought the Sundolphin Excursion 10 SS as my first kayak and so far I'm happy with it. It's light enough to put on top of my van by myself and yet the material it's made out of is strong enough to attach different gear to it with screws. I'm not to worried at all about punching a hole in it with regular use.

My balance is not very good but I find this boat plenty stable. I use it for fishing small lakes and rivers.

I don't really care for the front rod holder because it doesn't fit tight in the socket, and it's a noisemaker. Also you can only point the spinning rod in a couple positions. I wouldn't trust it to hold my rod if a decent fish hit. That will be replaced.

For the price I feel it's a good buy, and would make the purchase again. It fits my needs and I've added a depth finder, an anchor trolley and a small battery box. At this price I don't feel bad about drilling holes (above the water line) to add fishing accessories.

I bought the Kayak through...

I bought the Kayak through Amazon for $299, it was delivered quickly and without damage. I took it on its maiden voyage a couple of weeks ago and was please with the Kayak. It felt tippy when I first got in and started paddling, but as I got use to the kayak it did not seem tippy after all. I even leaned hard on the side to try and tip and it didn't, I was able to take side down to water level without tipping. It is a sit upon, center of gravity is higher than sit-in. As for tracking, wasn't expecting much so wasn't disappointed, it is 10 feet long and does not track like a 12 or 14 footer. It is light weight and I rigged out for a total cost of less than $400.

I bought this kayak, and...

I bought this kayak, and the saying "you get what you pay for" is true with this. It was very very unstable. No way I would feel comfortable trying to fish from it. I have kayak before and never felt like I was going to tip over constantly until getting in this thing. Don't waste your money. I am taking it back tomorrow and spending a little more to get a Perception Pescador Angler 12'

I got mine on craigslist...

I got mine on craigslist for only $200, so my satisfaction is based partly on the fact that I spent so little on it. As for the kayak itself:

-you need to plug the scupper holes or else you'll be wet.
-Doesn't track super well, but hey, we're kayak fishing, not navigating class 5 rapids.
- Paddle Sucks

-Super light and easy to load. I've used this thing around 50 times and that's mostly due to the fact that I can use it easily and without hassle. The best kayak is the one you use.
-Inexpensive, even at full price its not a bad buy for a beginner.
- Good storage for its size. I like the large rear storage compartment. it fits a lifejacket, tackle bag and whatever other random crap I bring.

All in all, its a great starter fishing kayak for the money. You don't need to break the bank to catch fish. I routinely out-fish dudes on the flats who are sporting $3000 kayaks, while my grungy self is in the Sun Dolphin catching fish after fish.

Nice inexpensive kayak for...

Nice inexpensive kayak for a starter. Comes with a rod holder. The foot rests could be a bit longer, I am 5'11" and my legs are bent a bit more than I would like.

I got this kayak as a gift...

I got this kayak as a gift from my wife for the money she paid it's not a bad ride; it doesn't track well and I had to do some mods so I could add a fishfinder moved the rod holder out to the side and added a second one on the other side. You will get a wet backside and you will want a seat cushion. A standard crate doesn't fit the back storage area, but all in all this is a good starter yak