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  • 10' Length
  • 30" Width
  • $299 MSRP

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Great Customer Service

A light, easy to transport and use beginner's kayak. The foot brace came off after pushing too hard, and their customer service replaced it immediately; sent a new part by mail, without any hassle. I would buy another one.

Fun and friendly little boat!

I am a recreational kayaker who has been renting when I have wanted to go out on the water for 3-4 years now. Since our vacation plans were taking us to the lake this year, I decided that the time had come to buy. I looked at many on used sites and felt that I didn't know what i was getting. I found the site and began looking for a small recreational kayak that would meet my needs (which usually involve a good paddle on the water in the early morning, while the family sleeps). This kayak was well rated, so I began to look at where I could buy it.. When I found it on for $188. I decided to give it a try. After all, contrary to used sites, I had a safety net (possibility of returning it) if I did not like the performance.

My criteria: a 10 foot kayak that I can handle on my own if I need to (at 40 lbs, it's not ultra-light, but i can carry it and get it into the car). Thigh cushioning and foot pedals. A dry compartment for my little boating emergency kit and cable lock. A paddle. A drainage plug (which wasn't listed on alot of the manufacturer's specs). Good tracking, easy to handle on the water. The water bottle holder is a bit of a reach, but since it wasn't on my list of priorities, it's an extra to me. I like to keep my coffee cup closer in the morning. :)

My first outing on the water was a windy one yet the kayak handled well. I was able to get a good distance across the lake effortlessly. The tracking is quite good, given the shape of the prow. It turns and handles smoothly, and is quite stable... like most kayaks i have yet to learn to get into and out of it gracefully, but that's not the kayak's fault. I find the Aruba 10 is a good fit, whether i want a leisurely paddle, or a bit more of a workout. Love it!

Demographics: 50-something, 5 ft 5", under 150 lbs, woman

Great kayak for the price!

Just purchased this kayak and so far it tracks great!
I'm a big guy 250 lbs 6-1. Does everything it should! Luv it!

Bought one of these for my...

Bought one of these for my grandson when he comes to visit. I've found myself using it more and more. I'm not a novice yakker, having been doing it since 1973. But...I'm by no means an expert white water maestro or ocean Thor Heyerdahl. Just a recreational kayakker for a long time.

This is a fun kayak. People who buy it and return it same day are invariably rookies and really don't know what to expect. It's actually quite sturdy for the price range and tracks far better than one would expect after reading some of the reviews here. Just remember, a kayak can either track well or maneuver well. Hull design affects that and it depends what the yak was designed for. Most of these play yaks try to split the difference and the Aruba 10 does it quite well. It will turn on a dime and only "wig wags" the first few strokes from a dead stop. As soon as you build up some speed, it tracks well. I had it out this morning in an area lake with 1 foot chop and no skirt...did fine and there was very little water in the boat.

I see some folks want to say the boat is a bit tippy; I can only say..."Compared to what?" Again, these are usually novices. Finally, every forum will have their snobs who preach doom and gloom..."If you don't spend $2k on your boat you're bound to have to swim it back to shore". Ugh...this is a recreational yak and as such, it does quite well. Sturdily built, well designed and quite portable. And currently they are $188 at Wal-Mart so...what are you waiting for?

Our daughter bought the...

Our daughter bought the Aruba Sun Dolphin and we were able to use it a lot last summer on lakes of different sizes. It was in constant use, as it was so much fun, and so agreeable and easy to handle. We sail also so we don't go on vacations for any length of time where there is not a lake suitable for sailing. Breeze or no breeze the Kayak was ready to scratch the itch to be on the water and explore. Our sailcat catamaran goes on our roof rack, and the Sun Dolphin slipped under it easily. That yak went places faster and easier and into more nooks and crannies than the cat did, and the cat is pretty good at exploring. It's a great versatile, watercraft should last for years and years, and is very inexpensive.

Anytime I have gone for bigger and better, in any recreational equipment, the ratio of fun to dollars spent and the other concerns of size and bother has suffered.
You won't regret purchasing a Sun Dolphin.

Although I am a beginner,...

Although I am a beginner, I was very lucky in my purchase of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 from a local Job Lot store. Although it is a little long for my car (inside) it does fit with the mesh net (usually used to keep groceries in place) as a stern cradle to keep it form sliding out. It's prow sits on the front console and is low enough so I can see over it, and there is still room for a passenger. I added a pool noodle on top of the stern to protect the deck from the edge of the back hatch which was bungied down to the trailer hitch.

In the water it handles well. It's pointed prow cuts through the water nicely and adds a little speed over my friends' rounded prow (and much more expensive) kayaks. My kayak also is not terribly affected by the wind and cross-currents. It is also light enough (40lbs) so I can lift it in and out of my SUV by myself. I have added a memory foam seat which has greatly enhanced to amount of time I can sit. I am physically challenged so entering and exiting a kayak is exciting.

The Aruba is very stable both nosed in to the shore for entry and exit, and it's stable in the water while cruising and paddling. I highly recommend this kayak.

This is my first kayak and...

This is my first kayak and I am very pleased with it so far. It has all the basics I needed at a very reasonable price. Seemed very stable for a beginner such as myself. Overall I am very pleased.

the plastic seems a little...

the plastic seems a little cheap to me, but considering the price, you get what you pay for, seems more fit for an amateur than someone who would use it a lot.

This boat is good for day...

This boat is good for day trips on the river or just messing around on a (rather large) lake. But does have its issues, the gasket on the hatch likes to come off on just the front side and it gets caught between the boat and the trailer we use to transport the 4 of them. And when on a river if you stop paddling for too long it turns sideways. The hatch is just large enough for food/Gatorade for a day trip, you could carry more between your legs but I would not recommend it. Its balance point is right on where the back strap mounts onto the side so it is uncomfortable to solo carry for long distances but I do it anyways.

Good initial stability like a canoe. Large cockpit you can literally fit a toddler in with you for a trip around a small lake.
You can really abuse and man handle these boats if need be,

Bad secondary stability like a canoe, it flips at the drop of a hat everyone in my group has accidentally capsized these boats except me.
They fill with water like no other you will have to drain them half way through a trip or more often

Overall these are cheap boats but good for a starter to master the basic skills but I would recommend a spray skirt if you try to roll, I tried once without and it doesn't work out very well.

I borrowed my friends'...

I borrowed my friends' kayak last weekend when we went to the keys and it was great. It was durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Uses Fortiflex material..

We have 2. Beginner...

We have 2. Beginner kayakers. My teenage boys and my husband weigh between 150 and 180 and I weight 140, all of them tall, I'm 5'6. We all enjoy the kayaks and have had them in rivers and lakes. They didn't do as well in choppy water on Lake Michigan but I wouldn't expect them to. They seem to be great for rivers and small lakes. One has a padded seat and one does not; I do not know why but I didn't notice till after I bought them. Of course, the one with the padded seat is more comfortable but not a huge difference. The storage bin in the back is great although I wouldn't say watertight, but I put my things in a Ziploc anyway. There is a plug in the front for draining water out although I've never had to do this in open water while floating so I'm not sure how easy it would be or if even possible. I do not know much about kayaks but if you're looking just to paddle around for fun in lakes and float down slow going rivers, these are great and a great price too.

I am a beginner, female,...

I am a beginner, female, 30 years old, 125 lbs, 5'3". I kayak easy rivers, lakes, etc, with this kayak a couple of hours at a time. Just purely recreational and some fishing.

-Large cockpit
-Price (purchased mine at Farm & Fleet 3 years ago, I believe the price was $175 if I remember right)
-Easy to maneuver
-Semi easy for me to load and carry, but the dilemmas just have to do with my stature.
-Excellent beginner kayak.
-Great for calm lakes, rivers, cricks.

-Hard to drain water out of it.
-Cockpit is rather large so as you are paddling lots of water drips in.
-I personally feel that it does not track well at all. Especially noticeable out on the lakes. (Wonder if I could makeshift a skeg?)
-Due to my stature I sit low in the kayak and I really have to sit tall to paddle comfortably and efficiently. When I paddle I'm constantly bumping the sides.
-The seat has zero padding, but the backrest is decent.

I feel if I was slightly taller and weighed a little more this kayak would track better and I could paddle more efficiently. However that being said I still really like this kayak. It's quality, the price is good, really can't go wrong with it as an entry level kayak. However if you feel and know that kayaking won't just be a phase for you and you want to travel and seek kayaking adventures (even if those adventures entail just calm waters), invest some money and research.

About me: Beginning...

About me: Beginning paddler, 6'2", 200 lbs., using kayak for 2 hrs at a time on area lakes in calm and windy conditions. I had some previous experience with an inflatable SeaEagle kayak, and purchased a Pelican Trailblazer kayak recently.

Thoughts about Aruba 10:

Size - This kayak feels wide in comparison to my other kayaks, and also feels much deeper. This could problematic if you have T-Rex arms, but I found it to be a much more comfortable size for me. The huge cockpit opening makes it very easy to get in and out of, but I did find that a small amount of water would flow into the cockpit in white-capping conditions (specifically while paddling perpendicular to the direction of the waves). The footpegs extended just barely far enough for my 6'2" frame, but if you are taller, you may find this kayak to be uncomfortable.

Tracking - I have seen several reviews claiming poor tracking with the Aruba 10 (and other makes/models for that matter), but I saw no problem with tracking. It could be that my lack of experience means I don't know any better, but the kayak did seem to hold a line really well. It could help that I weigh 200 pounds, so sitting lower in the water may help it keep a straighter line?

Extras - I love the paddle holder. Didn't think I would use it much, but I miss having a paddle holder when using the Pelican Trailblazer, which doesn't have one. The water bottle is nice, but I would rather not have to reach so far for it. The storage compartment is a decent size (we have a small lunch pack that fits perfectly inside it), but I am not sure how dry it keeps things - there was water in it the last time we went out.

Comfort - I only use it for a couple hours at a time, and the seat has not been a problem at all.

Summary - Great price, perfect size for me, good performance, and decent extra features. I am very happy with my purchase.

we started a kayak rental...

we started a kayak rental business with 5 of your aruba 10' dolphin kayaks, we live in Cave In Rock, Illinois on the Ohio River. we kayak while barges are going up and down the river and feel very safe with your product, we have also kayaked on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley

We bought two of these...

We bought two of these for the kids (14 and 11) to use on the nearby lakes and rivers. So far they've been good boats for beginners.

Tracks fairly considering the length and hull design
Fairly large cockpit.
Relatively fast considering its design.
Cost effective!

Seat design isn't the best. Molded plastic.
Drink holder is a joke. You can barely reach it from the cockpit.
"Dry" storage is laughably not anything close to dry.
Very difficult to empty. A LOT of water can get in this boat, it's very hard to drain it.

Good for beginners to decide if kayaking is your thing, but you will want to upgrade soon.

Bought my first Aruba 10 ...

Bought my first Aruba 10 2 or 3 years ago at the local Walmart for $249. Have loved it ever since. Use it most every weekend on the local rivers and lakes. Very sturdy and takes a beating in low water areas. This summer Wal-mart has had them on sale for $188. I jumped at the chance and just get a second one. The latest one came with a much nicer paddle which I like. Ive used much more expensive kayaks and the Aruba 10 is just as good if not better. I highly recommend the Aruba 10

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10...

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is very durable, fast, easy to maneuver, and worth the money for its size. It is a good beginner kayak.

Bought it at 11am....

Bought it at 11am. Returned it at 6pm. What took me so long? I couldn't stop turning in circles on the pond! I don't know much about kayaking yet but I am pretty sure the boats were intended to go straight! I had read about tracking problems but decided to try for myself thinking perhaps it was just a matter of balance. Even my dog wanted out.

This was my first kayak. ...

This was my first kayak. It has worked well and taken some abuse with no problem. This is a great kayak if you aren't sure if you will enjoy the sport yet. The seat isn't the best but you can get a gel seat for cheap. I currently just use this one for loaning out to others but I still feel like it was a good purchase decision.

The best, we purchased...

The best, we purchased these a week ago. We had rented before but never one of these only one set in before. This one the Aruba 10 glides though the water so smoothly and I even towed a small inflatable cooler carrier. It was the most comfortable ride ever plus i put wood kitchen cushions in the bottom for more comfortable seating. That is my only complain is that the bottom has no cushion. but it was only 5 dollars at Walmart. No worries about water in the bottom hull only water in the inside of the compartment but it will float because of the form sides by the seats DONT TAKE THOSE OUT or you will sink if it turns over and fills will water.

My daughters bought me...

My daughters bought me this kayak for my birthday and I love it I'm 5'4 and 140# and it's light weight and easy for me to handle by myself. Paddles effortlessly and tracks just as well as my sisters more expensive kayaks. It's roomy enough that I can fish from it or just paddle around the lake. Great kayak for the price.

My husband and I purchased...

My husband and I purchased two of these kayaks today! We love them. The LB limit says 250 , but I weight 300 and it kept afloat just fine. I had no problem paddling myself up and down the river. We had so much fun we are going again tomorrow. Its great because larger kayaks start around 400.00 and this was only 200.00. I had no problem at all!!!

Bought two of these...

Bought two of these kayaks, and absolutely love them. We have used them up stream with ease and actually they would glide for awhile up stream. We have used them in a lake, and they are very easy to manage, great control, we are able to put our legs in and also put our legs on top of the kayak when just relaxing in the sun. Yesterday we went down a higher than normal river with trees down in the way, I got caught up in a tree and the current was strong, the kayak never tipped I struggled with the huge tree and was able to push off of the tree and maneuver around without the kayak leaning or tipping. I also, further down stream had another Racey current that took me right for a tree, I put my paddle down to turn and the kayak responded very well to turn, I did a no no and push away from the tree with my hand and never turned over, which I was thinking I would. We added Scotty cup holders to both kayaks in front, very easy to do, also added extra bungee holder on top also easy to do. I would recommend this kayak to anyone, so much fun and do not regret at all buying this kayak!

My family and I just...

My family and I just started kayaking last year 2015, and absolutely love it. We started out in canoes and it was not a good experience!! Have since purchased 2 of the Aruba Sea dolphin 10' kayaks and they are awesome!! They are very sturdy and light weight and easy to use! It came with a free paddle which was a great bonus!

Amazing kayak for the...

Amazing kayak for the money! Bought through Walmart with paddle for $188!! MUCH cheaper than department stores in town here. (Lansing, Michigan). Very light weight, easily maneuverable, easy for my wife and kids to carry. Does not have the largest storage capacity but still holds plenty. Planning to purchase more for the kids.
NO complaints at all!!

My partner and I are...

My partner and I are beginners to kayaking. I searched the internet reading tons of reviews on different kayaks to find the right fit. Being beginners I didn't want to invest a ton of $ to be sure this was not a passing interest. All roads pointed to the 10ft Sun dolphin Aruba. When comparing ease of use and money this is the perfect kayak for any beginner. Walmart had these for $249, Tractor Supply had these for $229 (seasonal only), but Sears had them on sale for $189 + free site to store. SO I ordered 2. This was probably one of the best investments I have made.

We've had these for about a month now and head to the river every Friday. These yaks are VERY easy to control and are able to float in pretty shallow water due to their width. The width also gives you confidence and stability. They are not the fastest but do glide thru the water with ease. The foot pegs are great for bracing yourself and easily adjustable. The handles on the front and back make carrying, loading, and unloading very easy.

The only downside I've found so far is the cup holder on the front. The sun tends to heat the drink up pretty quick making it more beneficial to just throw it in the bottom and go so the drink stays cooler longer. Is this a big thing, of course not. Still an awesome buy and I strongly recommend this kayak to anyone who would like to try out kayaking without spending an arm and leg.

I just bought my first...

I just bought my first kayak ever, this Aruba 10, and I strongly recommend it. I love that it is light enough for me (a petite woman) to pick up and load into the truck by myself. It is comfortable, with an adjustable seat and foot rests, so I can adjust it precisely enough to be comfortable for long rides. The paddle is not deluxe by any means, but it is light weight and quite adequate for a beginner. The boat is very stable, so getting in/out is easy, and it would be difficult to roll this kayak over on the water, another plus for me. There's plenty of room in the baggage compartment. Overall, this is a fabulous starter kayak. The only complaint I can find about is that it does not have a handle on the side to make carrying it to/from the water more convenient. There are carry handles on the ends, but since it's a single kayak, I don't have anyone with me to haul up the rear. Still, it's light enough that I can get a good grip in the middle, so this is a minor distraction.

This is my first kayak. It...

This is my first kayak. It was extremely affordable and well designed and just what I need to gain experience on the water. I'm very happy with the amount of storage and drink holders this model provides.

Love the Sun Dolphin...

Love the Sun Dolphin kayaks. Getting ready to purchase a few more for the 2016 season! Our family just started kayaking as a hobby in 2015 and we absolutely LOVE it! We generally launch on a local river and go several miles.

Highly recommend this kayak for its sturdy yet manageable style. Really like the storage too. Very affordable! I would recommend buying additional paddles. The ones that come with it don't seem to last long...

Excellent entry-level...

Excellent entry-level River kayak. Decent for flowing rivers allowing for the versatility of jumping minor log jams. This kayak has a reasonably flat bottom that allows the pilot to hold themselves in a current without struggling. When out on larger waters it does well but without a skeg it takes a little work to keep it running straight. The rear compartment is easily adapted to open to allow for use of the whole rear area for storage.

This kayak does well with a pilot under 200lbs even though it is technically rated for more. Last summer I did an overnight trip (170lb person and 30lbs of gear) and was pleasantly pleased with the kayaks performance. I would consider it a good buy for anyone looking for a kayak under $200.

This is a good kayak for...

This is a good kayak for just floating the Blueway in my hometown or to venture into the main channel of the Cumberland River. I would not recommend this particular kayak for anything over a C1 rapid due to the thin bottom and possible gouging by unseen rocks. Overall I would rate the kayak a 9 out of 10.

I have bought 4 of these...

I have bought 4 of these kayaks all in use still and my friends love to borrow them and bring them back ... AAAA+ I am very small and able to move them and load them we go out every summer and we spend a lot of time in these .. This is a very good but I have never had to Dixie patch mine and I am going on 3 years with the same kayaks just recently bought my fourth just because friends were using ours and wanted a extra

We bought this yak cheap...

We bought this yak cheap at a scratch and dent sale, so for the price we paid we were pleased with it for a spare for friends and grandkids to use. I personally used it recently and liked that it was very light and enabled me to cruise across shallows while others in my party were wading across. Of course the compromise is that the plastic is pretty thin and dents easily making weak spots for the hull to crack (as witnessed at sale). does not provide much for deck storage and access behind the seat but if you are just playing for the day a small bag cooler will fit and do the trick. Oh and you will want to bring a cushion. The foot pegs work and were easy to adjust.

As a brand new kayaker, I...

As a brand new kayaker, I don't have much to compare this with. I did internet research and choose the Aruba 10 based on that. Also I got this kayak new at the local Kmart for half of what they wanted on Amazon. By the way, I gathered a lot of useful information on this Kayak by reading the Amazon reviews. It reviewed quite favorably.(4.5 stars)

I found the kayak quite easy to get into, and a little harder to get out of. I felt it was very stable. To me the tracking was not that good, but that could be operator paddling problems. I need to get better technique, but the kayak seemed a little too wide at the beam for me and I have 240cm paddles as I am 5'8" I scraped the top of the cockpit frequently. Overall, it seems to be working out and I think we will become good buddies before I will move on to another kayak.

I was looking for a good...

I was looking for a good beginner kayak since I've wanted to try it without spending a lot of money just in case I didn't like it. This kayak has been great. Friends have borrowed it and liked it better than the sit on top models. Even though it is light, I did buy a Land's End kayak cart for times I can't park next to the water and just store it in the hull when I'm on the water (I'm short so I have plenty of room).

We purchased two of these...

We purchased two of these kayaks at the beginning of the summer. We are very happy with our choice. This kayak has excellent stability and tracking for an economical price. We use it on inland lakes and rivers. Our family and friends have used them, and they love them too. I would buy these again and would recommend them for all ages and abilities.

My boyfriend and I are...

My boyfriend and I are beginning kayakers. This summer I decided to take the plunge and buy our first kayaks. Being beginners, I wanted something easy to navigate and at a good price. I scoured the internet for weeks looking through reviews and looking up prices. I couldn't justify spending 300+ on my first kayak (because, let's face it, I wanted to make sure kayaking wasn't just a passing interest that I'd get bored of after taking it out a few times). I found the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 on the Dick's Sporting Goods website. I checked out the reviews and the specs and the video from the company. It looked like the perfect kayak for my price range. It was around $250 so I'd be spending around $300 by the time I got the paddle. So once I decided the Aruba 10 might be the one, I again hit the internet searching for any reviews I could find. Most of what I could find said it was a great beginners kayak. PERFECT. Then I was lucky enough to find that, of all places, my local Sears was offering the kayaks for $199 with free in-store pickup and paddles were on sale for $30. So I placed my order for two kayaks and two paddles and was at the store to pick them up in a few days.

Now to the good stuff, actually taking them out on the water! Within a few days of picking them up we were loading them up in the truck to take to the river for the first time. They were light weight and the handles on the front and back made it easy for the two of us to load into the truck. Then it was time to hit the water. We had an amazing time on them that first day. Spent a total of 8 hours floating down the river. The kayaks were easy to maneuver for a beginning paddler. They're nothing fancy, and aren't super fast, but I was okay with that. We've taken them out a few times since and have had a great time every time.

Affordable, light weight, easy to keep straight, easy to keep upright without feeling like you're gonna tip over, adjustable foot pedals, perfect for a beginner

The storage compartment does not stay dry, the cockpit opening is pretty large so you let some water in when you paddle (so you might want to add a kayak skirt), not super fast because it is pretty wide.

So I'd say this is the PERFECT kayak for a beginner who doesn't want to invest a ton of money into their first kayak

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10...

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 in my opinion is a perfect starter kayak. It is 10 foot long and only weights 40 pounds. It's rugged and light weight and durable enough to go almost anywhere. It may not be the cheapest kayak on the market, but usually selling for around 200 dollars, it is a great full size, fully functional, kayak.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 comes with many great features. Features such as, but not limited to, built in dry compartment, water bottle holder, roomy cockpit, protective thigh pad. I have been using my Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 for fishing for two months now and I love it. I have had it on three different lakes, and in different weather conditions, and It handles great. It's a very steady water craft. I have not tipped my kayak yet, although I know I will some day.

In short, not only would I give the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10---10 out 10 for a score. I would also give it 4 S's The S's are for it's Sturdiness, Steadiness Smooth sailing, and the last S is for the Savings. So if you are looking for a starter kayak, Sun Dolphin Aruba 10.

i got this kayak to fish...

i got this kayak to fish from and get to the places harder to get to from the bank it's light weight and easy to use makes it a winner for me. If you're a hardcore white water runner you want a different boat. I give it a high score because it's tough light easy for everyone even for a novice old fat man

We started with this model...

We started with this model for our whole family. Good kayak to get your feet wet if your wondering if you'll like the sport. Very stable. Tracking is OK.
Drawbacks: We found depending on when the Kayak was made there are 2 cockpit sizes differing by 6" in length. No big deal for kids but the larger cockpit is a must for an adult IMO.

I recently purchased the...

I recently purchased the Aruba 10 kayak made by SunDolphin, mainly because it was on sale for $189 at several local stores,and I was tired if rental fees.

Pros: cheap price tag for a quick entry level kayak, bright colors, came with a paddle so you're ready to hit the water; fairly stable in water (doesn't feel "tippy" like some do).

Cons: only supports up to 250lb max, yet entry hole could easily allow bigger people; material feels thin and flimsy; "sealed compartment" isn't watertight.

Overall, I think it's a good entry level kayak if funds are limited. As soon as we can upgrade, we will, and this kayak will become a child's kayak.

I bought my Sun Dolphin...

I bought my Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 at the end of the season last year at KMart. For under $200, I think it's great.

I mostly use it on a small river and have also ventured onto some small lakes. It's obviously not made for whitewater or ocean waves. I like the adjustable foot pegs and was easily able to adjust the pegs and seat back for a comfortable ride.

I did make a few modifications: I bought an inexpensive foam seat pad and I added an after-market fishing rod older and a few nylon eye straps to connect a paddle leash a leash for the fishing rod and a fish stringer.

I've read complaints about water getting into the rear hatch compartment, but I have not had that problem. I would never trust a hatch without a dry bag for anything I did not want to get wet, anyway.

I also do not find the scupper plug to be as hard to manage as others have said. Works fine for me.

To sum up: the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is a great boat for getting out on the water without spending a fortune. I highly recommend it.

Every human powered craft...

Every human powered craft has it's place but this one is likely to be downright dangerous in the wrong context. Wide and short it does not track well. Hatch cover is FAR from water tight and with a weight capacity of only 250lbs it definitely will not accommodate a larger paddler. The cockpit unfortunately is large enough to permit a larger person to sit in it. Does not deal well with even light chop and hull material is easy deformed by warm summer sun and too thin to be safe for rocky creek or stream paddling. It's proper niche is a small lake or pond and not much else.

I'm very pleased with this...

I'm very pleased with this boat. I used to have a 14' Dagger, but I hadn't used it, and sold it maybe 3 years ago. My buddy and I decided we wanted to get back into kayaking, so we scoured the typical used sites. He did some extra searching, and found these on the Rural King site. After comparing the cost of travel, fuel and time versus getting two of these in town, we went with the Aruba.

I was skeptical about how well a stubby, wide boat would track. We promptly went to his place, since he has a lake, and I had to throw mine on the water. It was easy to board. Take off is quick, and it gets to cruising speed easily. With a moderate wind, on the flat water, it tracks pretty straight, and glides long. My 4 year old was able to grasp the paddling concept quickly, and had us moving easily from my lap. On his first ever water trip.

The following week BFF and I went on a 5 hour trip, 14 miles. (11 miles on Little Pigeon creek, 3 miles on Ohio river) On the calm water of the creek we had 4 hrs of travel. One log jam had us climb out and over, but I had no concerns of getting wet. Boarding once again was a snap. On either side of the seat was plenty of space for a camelback bladder and snacks. The rear storage box holds a fair amount of goods, but doesn't stay very dry. A spray skirt will be a good idea soon, because of timing issues on the swells of the Ohio river.

The seat has no cushion of any kind, so you'll want to get anything for bulk. I've got a gel seat cushion for my Ninja that I'm using next time. The included paddle is more than sufficient for us recreational types. I prefer the slight cant, BFF used straight blades, and we were running neck and neck. I'll eventually upgrade to a nicer one, but it's not a requirement.

I read a thread in the forums about speed. My GPS watch had us at an average of just over 4 mph. In the beginning of the trip we had a good sprint of just over 6, and later a solid mile at 5ish mph. I'll certainly repeat that trip. Despite having not ever paddled in about 3 years, we made the journey with only two short breaks disembarking. After I get a longer, nicer boat, I'll still keep this for a loaner, and for the kiddos. We're both thrilled with the purchase, and would recommend these for others.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba is a...

The Sun Dolphin Aruba is a great beginner level Kayak... I use mine for creeks and small rivers, and the local lake. It is light, easily transported, and turns on a dime. The only time I have ever had issues was when I got into some wind on a large river (St Mary's River, MD) and the waves were coming over the bow. This boat does not cut through waves, but it is easily maneuverable and very stable. With the low price and sturdy materials I don't worry as much about scraping the bottom as I do in my larger, more expensive 14' kayak. It has very limited storage, but will fit my 6"X6" drybox.

I purchased an Aruba 10...

I purchased an Aruba 10 from Walmart in May 2014 and used it every single weekend since. I fell in love with kayaking, not the boat. Had I known I would like it this much I would have done some research first. At the very least don't give your money to a retailer, find a local kayak shop or pick up something on craigslist.

This boat definitely gets me where I need to go and I plan to hang on to it after I upgrade for trips I have to scoot along rocks. I have managed to dent the front but it popped back out.

Here are some dislikes of the kayak: I don't like how wide it is, I don't like it having such a flat bottom, spray skirts seem pointless and there is definitely no rolling, I have heard you can install thigh braces but not sure if they would work on this one, would prefer it to be faster/easier going, my "rear bulkhead" is two styrofoam blocks shoved in the back of the kayak so it is all one compartment, my rear hatch doesn't even connect to the boat when closed so it lets in a ton of water, not sure how important but no perimeter lines, the cockpit swallows me up, I feel like it is impossible to twist while paddling because my legs and butt just twist as well, and a hard plastic seat (currently using outdoor lawn chair cushions.)

Overall you could get a decent used boat for $200 and rec boats seem quite popular right now. Remember all rec kayaks under $300 are the same, just pick a color.

The Aruba 10 by Sun...

The Aruba 10 by Sun Dolphin was purchased by both my Mother in Law and her sister for use on the area lake. They chose the Aruba 10's because of the light weight (40 lbs.) and inexpensive price that included the paddle. The kayak is made of a high density polyethylene that doesn't seem as rigid as some other manufacturers but it preformed well when I paddled the lake. It was a smooth float that was slightly off track but easy to adjust with light paddle strokes. I felt comfortable and secure in this kayak and with it's performance, a good product for the limited recreational use it will see.

My husband and I have...

My husband and I have purchased three of these kayaks and are very pleased with how they handle. lake, river or ocean, I have bought a cheaper Pelican 10 ft. and the difference is night and day. Sun Dolphin wins hands down! You get what you pay for.

Recent purchase, long time...

Recent purchase, long time kayak user. For $199 at Kmart I was really impressed. This handles better than my 14 foot and is nice to move through the water. Seat could use an upgrade, and compartment in the back can be cut out for more space. Only used on flat water but is a lot of fun and plan to buy another one. I would also like to see a better drain plug but again for the price you can add a better one yourself. After all the personal modifications it may cost me just under $100 but makes this a very flexible fun kayak and would recommend at this price. Walmart has it with lame paddle for $250 but not worth the extra $. You can find a nicer lifetime paddle for about $25 if you buy at the right time. Of course for any real touring this is not your kayak…just a nice beginner for the whole family.

This is by far the best...

This is by far the best kayak for the money, I can DO everything and GO everywhere that a seven or eight hundred or even a two thousand dollar kayak can do/go. And they are light enough so that me and hubby can carry two at a time and get into the water faster. It's a very sturdy and well built plastic Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 kayak.

Got one of these on end of...

Got one of these on end of season clearance last year for my 6 year old. I was surprised how fast it was for being so wide. The seat is awful, but I bought some neoprene and glued it down and it is all aces. The kids love it and when they get tired of paddling I just tie them up to me and pull them. Perfect for kids and beginners.

Two for one! I picked up...

Two for one! I picked up two of these at Walmart with paddles for $500. The wife and I had wanted to try kayaking for a while and thought what better way than this. We have used them for 4-5 hour paddles now every weekend for a month in a local reservoir and they are far from perfect but are great for beginners!

Stable - VERY stable, we got in to float around and the first thing I did was try to find the tipping point (without dumping myself) and you can lean a considerable way without tipping and the point at which it does tip is pretty forgiving! Highly recommend this for beginners!

Kinda fast - I was paddling it around thinking it's broad hull wasn't very efficient and that I could go MUCH faster in something else. After trying a couple of friend's kayaks I found that it wasn't too bad, I couldn't go much faster or glide too much farther.

The foot perches are sturdy and the backrest feels good (beginners take a minute to figure out how to adjust these on shore, watch some YouTube vids), but there is no padding for your bum... We added a hunting seat for about $15 (inflatable foam), well worth it without sacrificing any stability!

Do we have plans to upgrade sometime? YEP, a little longer boat with hatches for camping and a little sleaker hull, but without these we NEVER would've dived into this sport! Just do it! Grab one of these and get out and paddle!

This kayak is a wonderful,...

This kayak is a wonderful, inexpensive luxury. It has taken a beating and keeps floating, including falling off the roof of my SUV onto cement with hardly a scratch. It is comfortable for my 5-6 hour paddles. It has been all around Indiana every weekend since March in lakes, rivers , and creeks and has never let me down. Lightweight and easy on the budget, I highly recommend Sun Dolphin Aruba 10.

Purchased the Sun Dolphin...

Purchased the Sun Dolphin Aruba as my first kayak. It performs well for a recreational yak. Very stable. Doesn't track very well and pretty slow, but I definitely would recommend as a kayak for beginners. Available online and at big box stores like Walmart.


FOR THE MONEY I PAID (important semi-disclaimer). OK, I am done shouting, but want to be clear about that. If you get it from K Mart with a coupon code (search; there is almost always one) and free shipping to a store near you, you can get the price under $175 before tax. That is without the "free" paddle you get at Walmart, though. If I were comparing it to the lower end 10' SIKs from the name brand makers, I would probably still give it a 6 or 7.

I originally had the Atwood skirt on but it kept popping off; just too tight across the front. I just sent it back and ordered the large Lavika based on another post I found.

It's a good basic 10' plastic kayak. Tracks decently for the length. It is not a whitewater play boat; it is a recreational boat that can handle some waves and current.

Given the price of only...

Given the price of only $250 plus tax incl. paddle this is a great kayak. This is my first own kayak and I have been using it a couple of times to paddle together with some friends who are way more experienced than me on a river nearby. Although they all had longer kayaks I had no problems to keep up with them. The kayak tracks ok and can hold my 190 lbs. very well. The paddle is a little short, though.

Low-cost basic kayak for a...

Low-cost basic kayak for a little fun. Good for smaller lakes and rivers. Rating simply as a kayak would be a 5, but the "rating relative to kayak cost" would be more like a 7+ (if you get it for $200 or less) because it does well for such an inexpensive boat.

Lower cost. Tracks well. Stable. Speed is fine for its length and paddling effort (does 3 to 3.5 mph at easy to steady paddling, 3.9 w/ firm paddling, and up to 4.3 in a sprint). Light enough to load onto top of vehicle. Has a drain plug.

Seat has no padding, so after a while, you start to get a little sore (consider adding some kind of pad for longer rides). The storage compartment at the stern has a cover on it, but it does not have good enough sealing to guarantee that what's inside would remain dry. Foot pegs don't seem real robust. Not a whole lot of features on it.

I have 2 of these and 2 of...

I have 2 of these and 2 of the cheaper standard 10 waterquests. We have Kayaked for 5 years with these and many other main brand Kayaks. We found these things turn on a dime but still track well. We do small rivers in Michigan find these Kayaks to work great for entry level folks doing rivers and small lakes.

Just got the wife a new...

Just got the wife a new Aruba 10 Deluxe for great price for lakes recreational paddling. Love features, footpegs, padded seat back, water bottle holder in bow, paddle leash. Found it tracks well and also is comfortable to turn, so great for novice. I appreciated the roominess inside the kayak for my size of 5'11" and 244lbs. Strongly recommend.