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Stellar Elite Intermediate (SEI) Surf Ski

by Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis

The Stellar Elite Intermediate (SEI) Surf Ski provides Intermediate paddlers with an all condition boat that has high top-end speeds as well as great stability in rough conditions. Derived from the Stellar Elite Surf Skis, the SEI is also an excellent choice for experienced paddlers looking to refine their technique in heavy seas without losing speed. Other features of the SEI include a narrow catch, low volume footwell and a comfortable seat with a slight curve on the back side. We expect the SEI to set a new standard in the Intermediate surf ski class for speed and stability.

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The Stellar SEI in advantage lay up is the best Surfski I…

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The Stellar SEI in advantage lay up is the best Surfski I have paddled yet. I was truly impressed with the SR but it was not as fast as I wanted. After I completed my last race in the SR I did 31.5 miles in 5 hours and 20 min. I thought there has to be a faster boat that is still comfortable enough for a 6'2", 230 lbs guy to sit in for long distance racing.

I spoke with Stellar and told them that I wanted a boat that I could do a 340 race in without it being unstable after fatigue set in. They said we have an SEI that is a step up from the SR. I knew without question this was the boat for me. I ordered a yellow one and I was very impressed with the quality of the boat once again Stellar out did there selves.

I got in and was able to hold a very fast pace with ease. I paddled it with a pro in an S18 next to me and had to slow myself down just so my friend could keep up. After 5 miles in under an hour. I had zero fatigue and knew this boat could hold 7 mph on flat water without burning me out.

Stability was great and I could throw both legs over one side and still set in the boat. I will race the SEI in the 2015 MR340 and plan on finishing in the top 3 overall.

This boat is super stable and super fast Surfski that Stellar did there homework on and listened to what there customers wanted and they gave us another great product. I've only been in this boat 4 times now and every time I'm in it I'm even more impressed with it. SEI stands for Stellar Elite Intermediate.