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I had a stellar small wing...

I had a stellar small wing glass paddle That I broke on the rocks when I lost it surfing. Paddle has a easy catch good power in waves, excellent adjuster and was tough I did not baby it. I would say a small wing size is all you need for a greenland style kayak or for distance paddling.

Bought 2 years ago. This...

Bought 2 years ago. This paddle is the basic version it has been tough I did not baby it! Banged it on rocks pushed off stone beaches elc. Being able to adjust the length (210-220) is great for finding the best feel in different conditions the adjustment is smooth easy and strong. The catch may be a little soft but as soon as it does catch you could stand on it. The paddle blade has no twist making it very stable in all types of water when you stop pulling before your hip.If you paddle a british style kayak (CD solstice) a small blade is all you need as you get to hull speed quickly I also have a K1 trainer (Streur slender) in that maybe I could make larger blade work. The paddle shaft is bit oval making indexing the blades easy. Strong solid reliable. It is a shame that I lost it fall surfing and it broke in The rocks before I could retrieve it, a replacement half shaft would cost almost as much as replacing it whole strange but true. Enjoyed it while it lasted, learned a lot about torso rotation and using my legs, hips more and my arms less. If you would like to increase your range this paddle is a good place to start