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Ikkuma 15

by Seda Paddlesports

The Ikkuma 15 design features an aggressive chine and moderate rocker for comfortable handling in chop and currents. The deck includes flush fittings, Kajak Sport rubber hatches, and an adjustable Immersion Research LoungeBand seatback. Traditional toggle handles at either end allow for easy lifting, while generous deck bungees ensure gear and paddles will stay stowed while underway.

Constructed with a rod-style skeg deployment system, the Ikkuma 15 delivers positive and strong skeg control through all angles of operation. Additionally, with its high aspect ratio foiled carbon skeg blade, the Ikkuma 15 delivers a unique blend of control, agility, and speed.

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Being at an intermediate level, 5th kayak I will share my first…

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Being at an intermediate level, 5th kayak I will share my first impressions. My Ikkuma 15 hybrid immediately revealed high primary and secondary stability, edging ability beyond my skills, confidence inspiring with my limited skills in 18 inch wind chop, about 15 mph steady winds. Two capsizes in following seas without skeg deployed were followed by one successful cowboy scrabble reentry. So in review I must say this boat has potential to grow into.

I have paddled and loved this boat for nearly two years now…

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I have paddled and loved this boat for nearly two years now, so feel I have enough time in her to give a proper review. This boat is a joy to paddle, great glide, easy to edge and carves like a dream and handles lumpy water confidently. To my eye, one of the prettiest boats on the water in the Inland Pacific Northwest.

A couple of weekends ago a friend had borrowed her, and the wind was really screaming down the canyon. I watched as she danced on the waves, waaaay ahead of us, making it all look easy. She is a modified Greenland style boat, and is in her element in lumpy conditions, giving a smooth secure ride and on flat water cruises nicely along. I am not a strong paddler, so refer to her as "Sadie the Equalizer" when I paddle with those who are and am able to keep up nicely.

Now for the downside, of which there is little. I had traded my Edddyline Samba for her because I needed a boat I could get into and out of more easily. For awhile that worked, but once again the body is betraying me, and its getting harder and harder to enter/exit. The cockpit is 31" long, so that is not the problem, I am the problem. My grandson is 14 and he pops in and out of her like he's on springs, so for anyone else, this is a non-issue.

The other thing, which may be a big deal to some, is the skeg box noise. First time I paddled it I thought it was a leak and I had my son check the bulk heads (bone dry, always!) and watch my waterline. I talked to the dealer about it and he just laughed and said "oh, yeah, Seda's are notorious for that." Great to know, would have been more reassuring if I'd known earlier, doncha think? Anyway, this sound, sorta like gurgling/murmering is mostly a flat water phenomenon, and after awhile it just becomes just background that is easily ignored. I like to think of it as her happily chuckling to herself as we motor along.