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Luna Grande

by Seaward Kayaks

The Luna provides paddlers under 180 lbs with a comfortable fit. It has good initial and secondary stability and handles adverse sea conditions very well. This kayak is at home on day trips, yet has enough storage space for multi-day expeditions. The Luna's slightly rockered hull enhances maneuverability ensuring long term enjoyment of this versatile craft.

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This is a modified version of Seawards Luna. The cockpit is longer…

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This is a modified version of Seawards Luna. The cockpit is longer and has thigh braces. Another modification is a slightly sleeker bow. The hatches and all fittings are now recessed.

The boat is maneuverable and has decent speed. Weathercocking is minimal and easily corrected. The rudder allows firm bracing as it operates as a gas pedal type when deployed. The fit for me is good at 170 lbs and 5'6". Overall this is a very enjoyable seakayak and will suit a variety of paddlers.

The most striking feature of the boat is the constuction quality. Seaward provides a lot of boat for the money with vinylester resins, glassed bulkheads and double seams. Their Discover Kayaks line has boats with vinyl extrusions like the Current Design boats that sell for $700 less than the CD models and dont have bulkheads that leak. Having owned CD boats as well as Wilderness Sytems, Kajak Sport and Swift I believe the Seawards are the best.