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Sea Rover Deck Compass

by Seattle Sports


On my first open ocean crossing to Catalina Island, I used a…

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On my first open ocean crossing to Catalina Island, I used a basic cheap car floating compass and it worked great, however I wanted something better. I researched and reviewed several models and found this compass the easiest to see/read/use and had a very innovative and nicely designed attachment mount. My issue with most compasses was that the numbers/letters were small or like with the Suunto the only thing you often can see is the degrees (I prefer to see the N,S,W,E along with the degrees since it is easier/quicker to reference while paddling than the degree markings).

This is a dome shaped compass attached to a triangular base with a rubber base with a mesh bottom and 2 straps with clips for attachment to decklines. This attachment and base is super stable and secure and allows the triangle base to curve over my Current design Solstice angled foredeck. It is easy to adjust - just pull on the strap to tighten. The lettering/degrees are easy to see and both are easily seen while paddling. The liquid dampens movements so the compass does not bounce as you paddle... so far I love it and it is half the price of the Suunto...