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I own and paddle a 007-2 by RIOT (as well as the…

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I own and paddle a 007-2 by RIOT (as well as the DISCO and TRICKSTER). I paddled a number of other brands before discovering RIOT. The 007-2 is small, tracks beautifully on river runs, responds to my commands, and makes me feel comfortable and in control. These characteristics were difficult to find for a 110 lb female. Although I'm small it fits me like a glove.It rolls effortlessly with or without a paddle. One doesn't need to be a professional paddler to enjoy this boat. As my skills have improved so has my confidence in this boats ability.

I recently picked up a RIOT 007 (previously owned a Dagger RPM…

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I recently picked up a RIOT 007 (previously owned a Dagger RPM & REDLINE). I am 5.10" and 168 lbs. After trying to shoehorn my way into a 220, I finally paddled the 007. I remember first seeing this boat on the water when I owned my RPM, and thinking to myself, "I'll never paddle something that small or squirrly".

CONS: This boat is a 3 year old design, and as such is not as loose as newer boats, or as fast. I had no trouble keeping up with the 220 while river running, but have heard from other paddlers that the 007 is 'painfully slow" to catch a wave. Something that has been addressed in the RIOT DISCO. The beveled chines, although very forgiving, aren't nearly as sharp as the chines on the latest playboats.

PROS: No that I own one, and considering that I paid a third of what a new 220 goes for, I'm quite pleased. The boat is tight, and fits like a glove. I have outfitted it with a Bomber Gear Back-band, and a RIOT Rodeo Seat. The upgraded seat and back-band make for a very snug feel, allowing the boat to respond cleanly and crisply. Side surfs like a dream, rolls effortlessly and is confidence inspiring.

What can I say, this boat does everything I want it to do, including river running. I spent 5 hours in it river running with no complaints. One word of caution, leaning forward and paddling hard, will cause the bow to plow, even paddling down river. ;) I've heard of paddlers out there, heating and modifying the bow deck, essentially reducing the volume. I have yet to do this, but have been told that it will make it that much easier to initiate flat-water moves. ;)