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Unisex Long Sleeve Dry Cag

by Reed


This dry top is manufactured in England and is made from a…

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This dry top is manufactured in England and is made from a super stretch fabric called Aquatherm which is abrasion resistant, waterproof,windproof with water-tight neck and wrist seals that are non-latex making them the softest most comfortable seals you'll ever use on a compleatly dry top. The top has adjustable twin waist seal (tunnel) and the top comes in colors, all black, Royal Blue/Black and Yellow/Black.

I have used this dry top for the past year, paddling off the Northern California and Southern Oregon Coasts on a weekly basis in all conditions and I highly recommend it. It is so comfortable and stretchy, it's the only dry top I have ever used that I forget that it's on! There's so much freedom of movement when wearing this dry top and the water-tight, super comfortable, non-latex neck and wrist seals create the most funtional and comfortable dry top you will ever wear! On top of that, the cost of this dry top is reasonably priced below any similar type of dry top out there!

I highly recommend this product!