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Bilge Pump

by Rapid Runner


I've been using the Rapid Runner Bilge Systems lithium battery bilge pump…

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I've been using the Rapid Runner Bilge Systems lithium battery bilge pump in my Impex OI for about 4 months. This pump set up, which except for the on/off switch that is on the foam bulked is mounted entirely behind my seat. The thru hull is behind me to the right. Looking back, I kind of wish I'd put it forward so that I could replace it with a bulkhead mounted manual foot pump if they ever go out of business. Hope not as the set up is convenient, reliable and a real safety boon. The pump/switch/battery is light, runs for 90 minutes, and can empty out the entire cockpit in under two minutes. On a reentry and roll, you can kick the pump on before rolling back up and have the cockpit empty about the time you get the spray skirt on. Workmanship and materials are first rate. One drawback: I had to install a check valve to block water ingress through the thru hull--a bother as water accumulated rolling and bracing. With the check valve, which I understand that they are now including as standard equipment for kayak installations, this is not a problem, but it took a while to sort out. Jeffrey Valen, president of the company, was incredibly responsive during this process even calling me on a holiday weekend. I don't think I've ever had better service from a small business than I have had from these folks. Very highly recommended!