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I bought the Gamefisher to fish small rivers with my five year…

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I bought the Gamefisher to fish small rivers with my five year old. After checking out the competition, I bought a Gamefisher for a little more than half the money of the competition's comparable boat. At first I worried about the durability of the plastic hull since the rivers I intended to use it on were scrapy with shallow, gravel bottomed shoals. However,after several trips and subsequent inspections I have learned to relax while sliding through shallow spots as the boat has taken the punishment well - much like my plastic white water kayaks. Still, I would be carefull about slamming it around on large pointy river rocks because they could leave a serious gouge. The boat seams to be a Coleman Scanoe with a third seat in the middle instead of an aluminum brace. This has come in handy a few times when a friend has come along and the boat is still very stable with two adults and a child. I have used a three H.P. motor and the boat is easy to control at speed probably due to the unique tripple keeled hull, but lately I have preferrd a thirty pound thrust trolling motor for quiet convenience and it still pushes the boat well. The boat comes with padded seats and built-in cup holders and tackle trays which I find very handy and use all the time. It is stable enough to stand up in if you do so gingerly. It also has knee-shaped indentations front and rear that I find comfortable when the going requires a more stable body posistion.I have two complaints: 1) It is heavy. And 2) The plastic hull will not lend itself to being stored redneck-style; I.E. slung out back, upside down in the sun. A few years of this would surely shorten it's life as plastic doesn't like U.V. rays. That's why I can't rate it a ten. It is not that much heavier than most other square-backed sporting canoes of its size. All of them are heavy, but you will notice it right away; remember, I am using it mostly with a child. A good canoe cart is a must. Overall, the Pelican Gamefisher is an excellent, well thought-out boat for it's intended purpose, which is fishing. I could think of a dozen other uses but will leave those to the prospective buyer's own imagination.