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Puffin Saranac

by Pakboats/ScanSport, Inc.

Pakboats offers the convenience features of the Puffin Saranac, but in an even lighter package. And it even offers a deck option with two cockpits that can support spray skirts. The new Saranac hull and deck fabrics are very attractive and give the kayak a sporty new look. Optional Saranac decks offer one or two cockpits, making this kayak as versatile as it is good looking. Leave the decks behind for fishing convenience. Use the double deck for a day trip with a friend, or take the solo deck for a couple of weeks of camping. The Saranac will take it all in stride. 

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I received the new Puffin Saranac 15ft with PolyUrethan hull and l…

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I received the new Puffin Saranac 15ft with PolyUrethan hull and l have so far taken it on three trips. One on the Chesapeake Bay where I live the other two along the Blackstone river, near Lincoln, RI and Narrow River, Narragansett, RI . It offers great flexibility since it's very easy to change between a single to a double kayak. It's amazingly lightweight (just 27 pounds) and everything including, deck, seats, pump and sprayskirt fit in one bag.

This new version of the Saranac comes with 2 skegs which mounts under the stern which offers pretty decent tracking. It's very easy to assemble the kayak. It takes me only 20 minutes to assemble and less to dissemble. The kayak is very stable and feels very sturdy. For a big person like me (210 pounds and over 6 feet) it's easy to get in and out. The only downside is that the seat is not the most comfortable that I've used. I'm pretty picky though when it comes to seat comfort and will probably cut out some material and make my own adjusted back support.

The conclusion is that this is a great kayak for both shorter and longer tours. The price is also right so you cannot really go wrong with this one.