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Helium Solo Awning

by Outdoor Research


The Helium Solo Awning - saviour of more than a few camping…

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The Helium Solo Awning - saviour of more than a few camping trips baptized by mist, steady rain, even light sleet near Lake Superior in July. Put it up, guy it down in one of many configs & 1-3 people can comfortably cook, sit or sleep under it. Drier is happier once you leave your boat.

400 Silnyl fabric makes a light, truly waterproof, durable tarp. Multiple configs thanks to seven corded guy lines w. reflectively banded storage pockets. And it all packs down very small, about the size of two Nalgene bottles end to end. It is easy to restuff if folded vertically twice and rolled up tightly. Comes w. its own stuff sack, weighs a bit over a pound.

Worth carrying if you camp in unpredictable weather (which means just about anywhere). The soft green (Lichen) adapts well to stealth camping, while the Alpenglow casts a cheerful dawnlike glow.

Outdoor Research quality w. a lifetime guarantee.
Perfect tarp for me, so it earns a ten.