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Vapor 12XT Reviews

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Black Cherry
  • 12' Length
  • 28.5" Width
  • $699.99 MSRP

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Great boat for a larger...

Great boat for a larger person. I'm 5'3" and short torso, the gunwales are too high for comfortable paddling, and the cockpit too large to reach the cupholder. As far as tracking, I recommend this kayak. The molded in paddle holder is nice when taking pictures, just too far forward to be useful for short people like me.

Just bought this kayak...

Just bought this kayak last week after weeks of searching, reviewing and deciding what to get. Had an inflatable that just wasn't going to cut it floating with my friends and their hardside yaks on flatwater. I felt like I was paddling a bathtub so decided I needed to upgrade. Deciding factors were, tracking, room for the dog, mostly flatwater paddling, ability to load and unload it myself, stability, price. I'm a woman that is fairly strong but with one bad shoulder so the load/unload part was a must and any bigger boat was going to just be too heavy. Wanted a solo but needed a cockpit large enough for me and the dog (50 pounds) and would be stable enough with both of us in it.

Had it out this weekend on a mountain lake with light winds and just a little chop and it did fabulous. It was stable and easy to turn, tracked just as well with the dog as without. Of course the USA label was a bonus as well. I'd definitely recommend this for a beginner (as I am). I did get a Malone Seawing rack for the van so loading isn't as much of a problem (just couldn't afford the fancy Thule). I did add some velcro tabs inside to secure my bilge pump and extra paddles in the back.

The only reason it didn't get a 10 was I am going to need to put some foam protectors on the bars of the foot pegs so I don't get scraped up on them. Will also be adding a splash deck for when I am "dog-less".

I purchased this boat in...

I purchased this boat in Feb of this year, having not done any kayaking in over a decade (although lots of canoeing)and I have to say I have been very satisfied with it. I have taken it out nearly every weekend since Feb and have yet to have bad experience.

I added a seal sneak spray skirt to the boat and have taken it through numerous rapids of class III designation and lower (although I would certainly start small and work up to class IIIs if you are new)

This is a wonderful rec boat, it handles well on flatwater, and does well in mild whitewater. I have taken it over 4 foot ledges, and 5 foot haystacks and never felt it would let me down.

I have taken this boat on a 35 mile flatwater overnight trip and felt it was comfortable the entire way.

The only things this boat loses points for is that the dashboard is very tough to reach (I'm 6 feet 185) for me but the between the legs beverage holder works well. The thigh pads are also quite thin but that can be easily remedied by spending a few dollars at the hardware store. Also I would recommend installing a drain plug in the boat.

In conclusion, if your into big whitewater, get a whitewater boat. If your big into sea kayaking or touring, get the appropriate boat. If you are new to kayaking and don't know what you want or you'd like to try aspects of everything, this is a good boat to start out on. I would recommend getting 240cm paddles as the boat is quite wide as well as a decent skirt if you plan on doing anything bigger than class I as the boat's massive cockpit allows it to take on a lot of water quickly.

Recently purchased this...

Recently purchased this boat and am new to kayaking. I am 6' and weigh around 325. Excellent boat and fits me nicely. Plenty of room, extremely stable and tracks wonderfully. With the 375 pound capacity I can even take some gear with me.
If you are a larger person and looking to get into kayaking, this is the boat for you.