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Trident Ultra 4.7

by Ocean Kayak

The Trident Ultra 4.7 is a collaboration between our designers and an international group of dedicated professional kayak anglers. Based on the Trident 15 and crafted around the original Prowler hull, the Ultra 4.7 incorporates more volume across the bow for a drier ride, a moderate rocker to help performance in ocean swells and a more pronounced tail fin to aid in tracking. The easy to rotate center hatch cover is a must see! 

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I have owned my 2014 Trident Ultra for close to a year…

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I have owned my 2014 Trident Ultra for close to a year now and love it. I am 6'5" and 285 lbs and am stunned at how well it handles my size. The kayak is very stable. I use it in ocean water and it handles surf and chop very well.

Many other reviewers have mentioned how heavy the kayak is and I will wholeheartedly agree. For me the weight isn't a problem as I roll it to the beach on wheels and never have to lift it on a vehicle. You do feel the weight of the kayak when paddling but I don't consider it unreasonable.

I love the rudder system. It is easy to deploy and retract from the seat and works beautifully to keep the kayak on track. The only thing I might change is to make the seating a little lower in the kayak like my Scupper Pro and thus bring the center or gravity closer to the water. That being said the Ultra 4.7 delivers a much drier ride than my Scupper Pro or any other sit-on that I have tried. I do like the seat and find it supportive and comfortable for my hour or two of paddling.

I can't review the fishing amenities as I don't use them but I love the large open storage deck behind the seat. I carry a sizable crab trap very easily as it is such a large space.

To summarize: I highly recommend this kayak especially for heavier paddlers.

TRIDENT ULTRA is a big heavy boat -- somewhat unwieldy to…

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TRIDENT ULTRA is a big heavy boat -- somewhat unwieldy to load and launch. Well built. Not sure the interior compartment adds much to design as it limits the ability to move your legs to comfortable position in the boat ?
Rudder unit is a big plus. Without the rudder down in place the boat will " weather vane" into the wind

I own before this a Trident 13 and a 15 made in…

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I own before this a Trident 13 and a 15 made in USA; both very good kayaks in their own right, but this is THE ONE. A different kind of beast looking similar to T15 but being so much better, faster, stable, and I mean really stable coping with chop and waves very good. The only negative is the weight 79 lbs (37 kg), but I guess this is the price of quality and stability.
By the way this is made in New Zealand and the plastic and rigging materials quality is outstanding, if you are lucky to come close to one get it you won't regret it!