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Trident 13 Angler Reviews

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  • 13' 6" Length
  • 29.5" Width
  • $1,299.99 MSRP

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Where's the stability?

I will cut to the chase....there is no way you could stand up on this kayak to fish as it is very unstable. I have taken in out twice now and I doubt it will get any better.

First trip was on a flat water lake ( Lake Hickory) just for me to get used to it. I noticed immediately that it was unstable. It does track well and is easy to paddle. Plus I got wet as my weight really allowed the scuppers to fill up the boat with water.

Second trip was on Lake Norman, a lot of recreational boat activity, and experience a mild chop. We paddle a mile or so and went up Balls Creek. The boat was nimble enough to go up a small creek and I liked how well it handled. It is a beast to paddle as it is heavy and I am heavy. I also noticed you don't glide or coast as long as my other kayaks do once I stop paddling.

Both trips had me soaked. I sat in water the entire time. I am assuming that is due to my weight. I weigh 300# and 6'2" but the boat stayed flooded. It is rated at 450+ pounds capacity, but that doesn't mean it will stay dry.

The seat is comfortable but I don't think the suspension straps are very strong. The compartments and other gadgets are nice. The "quick" paddle holder on the bow is virtually useless. I am going to take mine off. The solid handles, bow and stern, seem like a great idea but really are a pain when it comes to tying the yak off on the trailer. The cup holder doesn't fit a Nalagene bottle and that is just communist in design. I mean really? who doesn't use Nalgene bottles.

It is so unstable that I don't think I can access my fishing crate without going tits up.

I bought it mainly for recreation, kayak camping, and some fishing. Mainly freshwater and I doubt I could handle this boat in surf conditions due to the stability. You are just top heavy feeling.

If you do you use this boat my advice is that you better be Rain-Man like about tying off your gear and kit as you will flip over due to lack of stability.

(I have been kayaking and canoeing for twenty years)

This is a charitable...

This is a charitable score. I didn't buy the secondhand HMS Tangerino to go fishing. I bought it for the ample deck and storage space for carrying the kid/dog/picnic/beach toys/10 gallons of sunblock. I'm grading on a curve here.

My gods, she is a dog. If you have a reasonable expectation of maintaining 3 knots, banish it from your mind. This hunk of bumper plastic does not care what you wish. It only obeys the wind and its whims. You might get a bigger vote in the proceedings if you add a rudder. She tends to behave better with a 300-pound-plus load, and she does not wince at chop or waves.

Oh, she'll carry a LOT of weight. This beast is great family beach trips, so long as they aren't more than a mile each way. She also weighs a lot, and she WILL oilcan if you, say, put her in a 12-foot truck bed and leave her in the sun while you go to the bar.

I have the older model, billed confusingly as the "Trident 13 Prowler." It has the Scotty mounts built into the deck, and they conflict with securing the center hatch. OK fixed that in later versions, putting the mount holes right into the hatch cover. So you might have an easier time with your camera/rod mount than I do.

She's a barge, but that's kind of the point. Take her out in the salt. Load her up for week-long camping trips. Mock your friends as they succumb to her unstoppable momentum in Full Contact Bumper Boats. Just don't try to go anywhere fast.

I have had my Ocean Kayak...

I have had my Ocean Kayak Trident 13 since June 2014 and have to say that it is an excellent kayak for fishing. It is easy to maneuver, will handle all of my gear and equipment (fish finder/battery, fishing crate, rod holders, etc.) easily. The scupper hole that allows for mounting a fish finder transducer is a great feature. My kayak includes the optional rudder system and I would recommend it. It helps tremendously in the wind. The Trident 13 is very stable and quick and I can get where I need to be in a hurry. I understand that Ocean Kayak took it off the market for 2015 but has brought it back for 2016. It's a great kayak for all different types of water (lakes, rivers, ocean) so I recommend it highly.

While living on a sailboat...

While living on a sailboat off Key Largo Florida, I borrowed a Trident Angler. First I have troubles with my legs, and found it easy to enter and exit the Kayak. Cruising around the backwaters I found the stability and comfort to be outstanding. The stability made it easy to handle large fish. The accessories made life easy. I love this kayak and am looking for one to use in the Lakes of SC

I love my ocean kayak. Its...

I love my ocean kayak. Its very stable. I'm a big guy close to 350 lbs and holds me very well. I was worried at first with my weight. I have only had it for a about a week and used it twice. But have not fished from it yet. But that is the main reason why I go it. But I'm sure ill be pleased with the performance. I got it from a local dealer here in Maine. And it was a great price.

The Trident 13 is my first...

The Trident 13 is my first kayak and I must say that I am extremely pleased. I've had it for over a year now and have used it on about ten day fishing trips. Being 6'3" and 250lbs it has served me well. The kayak is very stable and is loaded with many features. I love the large amount of storage space the most. I am also very pleased with the camo color configuration.

This model kayak is made...

This model kayak is made of very soft plastic. The hull deforms or oil cans very quickly. The kayak leaks through all the openings. I have owned 4 Trident 13 foot models. They all had the same problems.

I had always been an open...

I had always been an open canoe paddler up until a few years ago when I bought a Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler SOT kayak for fishing. It opened a whole new world to me. I had always been reluctant to use a kayak due to my size (250 lb 6 ft 2 in) but that's not a problem in a SOT. The Trident 13 provided a stable platform for fly fishing plus gave me all the storage I will ever need.

Not only does it track well it is faster than my canoe. The seat not only has a comfortable bottom but the seat back is wonderful. I had back surgery last fall and was worried that the Trident would have to be set aside but, when I used it this spring, I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how comfortable it was even with a sore back.

While it is only a few pounds lighter than my canoe, its shorter length made it easier for me to handle and put on top of my Jeep or on my canoe trailer. When I wear my waders it becomes at least a three season boat if not one I can use year round including during our southern Missouri winters. Would I buy another? You bet!

Plenty of room for...

Plenty of room for storage, and handles well. So far I've taken this boat out on smooth water and it glides right along, making good distance. I was able to easily pack three days worth of camping supplies for myself only using the storage inside the boat and no deck space used. The only improvement that is needed is a new seat, beyond that it's a great boat.

I have owned 3 of these...

I have owned 3 of these kayaks between 2010 and 2013. They all seem to cave in on the hull within the year. I have owned 8 other Ocean Kayaks in the past 15 years and none of them have this problem. The plastic for the Trident is too soft and deforms too easily. I will never buy another Trident again. The Prowler is a much better kayak. The Trident is heavy and slow and has a deformed oil canning hull. Stay away from it.

I now have over two full...

I now have over two full seasons in this kayak and have to say I am very pleased with it. Very stable, paddles easily, tracks well, has lots of storage and great weight capacity. The Mod Pod is a really great feature. I could easily do multi-day trips out of this.

I bought the Trident 13...

I bought the Trident 13 for its stability and storage capacity. There is no question in my mind that this SOT design is the way to go for kayak fishing. The stability is excellent; I've fished this kayak on big rivers like the Bighorn and run it through fast water and standing waves with great confidence. It is also fine for fishing "side saddle" and is virtually flip proof on salt water in strong seas. Its hull design makes for excellent tracking on still water.

While it does have excellent storage capacity, the center trunk is rather long and wide and leaves only tight leg room on either side. The pre-tapped holes and gear sets on the trunk lid are not user friendly, for example for receiving Scotti rod holders, etc., or for screwing in other accessories. Fully rigged, the boat weighs in well over 60#, which makes loading and unloading from the vehicle a challenge.

On the whole a fine boat, with a few design improvements it would be a great boat.