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This is a UK boat, rare in the states, visually quite fetching…

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This is a UK boat, rare in the states, visually quite fetching. Specs on the Calypso are hard to find and perhaps only semi authoritative. For example, specs I have found on the Internet give a 17' 1" length, somewhat longer than my boat. So perhaps there were several incarnations. This particular kayak was produced in 1995, before Valley bought out North Shore; a name which Valley still uses for its Atlantic and other models.

So I should start with the specs as I have measured them:
Length: 16' 9.5" Beam: 22"
Cockpit: 26.5" x 16"
Depth: 11"
2 hatches, large openings, hard covers, dry Diolen / Fiberglass Composite

The kayak has significant rocker, but it tracks well nevertheless. There is some weathercocking at higher winds which can be tuned out with the skeg. It is quite stable and turns easily, as you'd expect from the rocker. It is about as speedy as one might guess for its length and rocker.

For me, mostly a day tripping fellow who spends no time in rock gardens, it is a very maneuverable yet swift enough all around boat. I've paddled it in some local races in order to give other paddlers the joy of victory.