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I just purchased the...

I just purchased the Romany Excel from Kayak Waveology in CT. I demoed this boat in nominal conditions in July and I was impressed with its fit, handling and overall performance. I'm a pretty big guy at 6' 1" and 240 lbs. I was looking for a boat that had all of the characteristics on my Tiderace Explore-X especially the oversized cockpit which allows me to extract my bad knee without lifting my butt out of the boat. The Excel has the bet fit in the business for my body type plus I don't have the raised hull and the extra weight associated with an 18 ft boat since the Excel has raised knee bumps and a more streamlined fore deck and is 16'8". The difference in weight and better fit makes it easy to obtain the same speed I was getting out of the Tiderace with the added benefit of increased performance. Iit rolls easier than the Tiderace allowing me to use a shorter paddle which increases my paddling cadence. Both boats love to surf which I m very pleased with but the Advantage of the Romany is that I am able to car-top this boat by myself.

The past weekend I was able to test the boat out in the Tideraces around Eoods Hole I am pleased to report that the Excell exceeded all of my expectations. The bow rudders I was able to carve with minimum ease and edging during the calm water demo were as easily achieved heading into 8 knot breakers. I'm sure that over time my performance using this exceptional craft will only improve as I go along.
Definitely two thumbs up.

Have had this boat for a...

Have had this boat for a few months now and I adore it!! I am 6'3'' 280lbs with size 13 feet, and this boat fits me like a glove.. She handled like a champ in the various conditions I took her out in.. I have the drop down rope skeg, and it works awesome when the chop and wind come in.. I am so very pleased with this boat, If I had to buy another boat today it would be another Romany Excel!

I purchased this boat a...

I purchased this boat a year ago from Maine Island Kayak and have paddled it about 500 km in various conditions up to maybe 1.5 metre (5 ft.)seas. It is a great boat. Carries huge quantities of gear as well as my big body. The 16 ft length makes it less succeptible to confused seas but does make it a bit slow. I now use a larger paddle to keep up with wifey in her 18ft impex force3. It is a tall boat and weathercocks badly when not heavily loaded. There is plenty of room for my size 12 feet and the knee spaces not only accomodate longer legs but also give great leverage for edging and rolling, both of which are a treat. The skeg control is well placed for the hand but poorly placed for he left knee. Suggest you wrap a lightweight bungee around hatch covers to ensure watertight compartments. The keel strip is a great feature. Tom Bergh does an amazing job of making sure you get the right boat and then fitting it to your needs. There are quite a few little quaity issues that take time and energy to resolve but the end result is worth it.