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I ordered this kayak on...

I ordered this kayak on spec. I loved the look of the Greenlander Pro and wanted a very fast single for casual racing and touring. I've also never spent much time in a hard chine kayak so I wasn't too sure what to expect. I've grown to love this kayak. It is very fast and easier to handle than I expected. It seems very good in the wind. I've been in fairly big wind and waves and I rarely use the skeg but when I do it works perfectly. I've also taken the kayak on a couple of multiday trips. I was pleasantly surprised at how much gear I could take. And the kayak handles very well with a load.

On the downside I did have a few quality control issues. The foot pedals and the back band were not installed evenly. And I had some leaking in the rear hatch. Happily my dealer was able to remedy these problems.

And although my kayak was ordered with the hard fiberglass seat it came with the optional foam seat. Basically you get a seat loose in the kayak and have to then figure out how to attach it. At first I was disappointed but with a bit of work I have grown to really like this seat. I have attached it to the hull with sticky backed velcro and I have used some foam wedges to get the seat tilt right for me and to pad out the sides of the seat to fit my hips.

Probably the biggest problem is that no one can keep up with me. I am trying to convince my paddling friends to get Greenlander Races as well. Based on my GPS in calm conditions I can hold 5 knots very easily. I'm trying to get myself to the level where I can hold 6 knots over an extended period.

I would recommend this kayak to any intermediate to advanced paddlers wanting a fast touring single. But unless you are handy make sure you have a good dealer who will inspect the kayak and help you get fitted out properly.